Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whip Lash!!!! All about lashes! and Crackin the Whip!!!

Ok! Ok! Ok! Enough!!!! I have got to get this off my chest!!! This one is about these lashes!!! Okay ladies! Let's be realistic here...2 or 3 years ago! You could care less about walking around Walmart or the grocery store without a pair of lashes on! So why is it that you feel "naked" without them now? Let's not feed into the hype of the beauty industry! I am all for enhancing what you have and looking your best! I mean for God sake! I'm a make up artist, of course I think you should look and feel good! But I cannot continue to condone this mess! Especially when it starts to make my job harder! All I am trying to say is, you out shopping or running in your sweats, with these dramatic lashes on looks silly! And trust me, its not just to me! Lots of people can see it! I'm just the one to tell you the truth! If you are going to sport a dramatic lash! There is a time and place for it...and honey, it ain't at Wally World! Here are a few tips about fake lashes!!!

Signs you need to throw them away!!!
1. They are flat on one side and flipped up on the other(have lost the original shape)
2. Crusty glue is caked up on the band( are you really gona put more on there and glue that sucker on?)
3. You can still see the eye shadow from the last make up application(The lash should stand out)
4. One lash is now distinctively different looking from the other(just let it go baby)

Some women will re-use a lash until they are literally falling apart! No ma'am! these are your eyes! Sensitive to bacteria...just get a new pair!!! They will look fresh and your eyes will thank you! I suggest re-using a lash 1, and maybe 2 times...

Signs you need to stop wearing individuals(or stop going to who's doing them)
Your natural lashes have disappeared(If the follicle is damaged, they may not grow back!!!)
You can feel hard glue caked up in your eyes (sometimes it can be felt everytime u close them)
If they look completely unnatural(dramatic is great for an evening, or photoshoot...but if they don't resemble anywhere near your natural lashes, it is a #fail)
When I can clearly see the blob of glue at the base of your lashes (I don't care if its black, I can still see it!!!)

Individual lashes ideally should be attatched to the strands of your natural lashes...that way they can naturally fall away without damaging your own. Attatching them to the base may cause your own to be pulled out (especially when there is so much glue they will not fall naturally)! And that is not OK!!! You should be able to see seperation! A black mass at the base of your lashes means that they have been applied incorrectly! Lash extensions should "enhance" and not "distract"...

Just remember you get what you pay for! Cheap does not mean better deal, and you should always think quality over quantity!!! Just because a hair stylist or some other non- liscensed professional type is "doing everybody" doesn't mean that they are providing a quality service! Individual lashes take time! A lot of it at that! I have seen them beautifully done! And when they are done right, they can be absolutely breath taking! But I have also seen horrible monstrosities! And people who can no longer grow lashes because of severe damage!

Feather lashes and other "Fantasy" styles should also be worn when appropriate! And try wearing some additional make up with the lashes to complete the look! Some of you already have beautiful lashes! And if you are educated on the application of mascara you would be sooo suprised at what a little Dior Show can do!!! Not trying to rag on my ladies who want to keep it fly...just want to educate them on wats hot! and definitely wats not! ;) scroll down to check out my post "We Off Dat...What's Hot and What's not in 2010"

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  1. i think u can change the world with this blog entry if enough people read it and follow the rules. make it a movement hinny!!!