Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fantasia For Real Show Premiers Jan 11th, 2010!!!

It's finally here!!! I can not believe it!!! The Fantasia For Real Show premiers Jan 11, 2010!!! And my make up work will be broadcast across the world! Wow! What a feeling! I did not talk much at all about the project I worked on all summer long...but you all will be able to see the journey none the less! I really love this young lady! She is a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit! And I look forward to watching the world fall in love with her again! The whole team was a real pleasure to work with!!!

Here are a few behind the scenes pics...its always a full day, so I couldn't take a lot

Tasia's make up style is super natural!!! She did not care for make up at all when we first met! (Which was part of why I got the gig, people love the natural makeup that I do) Since then...I've been able to warm her up a little ;)....now she is willing to get a little more adventurous with her make up looks. She has beautiful skin too!

Here are a few other gigs she's brought me along on! Check out the videos!

Fantasia did a fundraising event at her home with Macy's...

Press for The Color Purple in Chicago

Show premiers tomm! Can't wait to see the finished product! The wait is finally ova...

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