Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our First Product Review...Naturally Me by Chaundra Smith

I had the pleasure of reviewing my first product here on my blog! I am so excited to share this info with everybody! I have enjoyed using these products over the past week!

Naturally Me has all natural, vegan certified products for your body, hair, home and pets!  Naturally Me's Website The owner Chaundra Smith sent me their awesome Foaming Facial Wash and a Sampler set of products that came in the cutest little package that you ever did see! ;)

I have been using the Face Wash for about 7 days now and have completely fallen in love with it! It creates a thick, rich foam which I love (I love a good lather! ;)! And its infused with essential oils like tea tree and coconut... I love the invigorating scent in the morning! (Don't I look invigorated! lol Don't tell anybody u saw me this early in the morning! Bonnet and errthang! lmao!) The organic ingredients are great for my acne prone and sensitive skin...and makes me feel squeaky clean after removing make up! Priced at 8.99... this is definitely a winner!

In my sampler set was the 
All Over Butter (Which is whipped and creamy and the smell is simply delicious!)
Soy Candle ( I could smell it before I even opened the box... I am addicted to candles!)
Soothing Foot Soak (
Joyful Foot Scrub (
Happy Hands Exfoliant(

I can't wait to try more of this product line! I was super impressed by every product I experienced! I love the genuity and spirit of small business owners! Mainstream product lines tend to loose touch with what made their products great in the first place. Replacing the once simple ingredients with synthetic ones...to make their product last longer or be produced faster. I hope Chaudra never changes a thing! ;)

Contact Chaundra Smith at (919) 519-0783 or email her at care@naturallyme.us

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oldies but Goodies! :)

A lovely young lady wrote this poem for me a while back...and it truly touched me! One of the most valuable gifts I've ever received! I wanted to share it with my peeps :)

The Artist
Painting on flesh canvases.
A Nubian Picasso.
Brandishing brushes like swords and she goes to battle.
Art does not imitate life...it is life
And she breaths just that into the faces of women who swore that lipstick was the only thing they'd ever wear.
She is an artist.
Molding the lives of clients effortlessly.
She turns her swag on, then let’s them get they diva bag on
Then beats faces like Muhammad Ali
But this don't hurt well maybe just a little
But that's the cost of beauty right
She has won the battle; they've won the self esteem fight.
Walk fierce in to the light and tell the world who did the work.
The Face Dr.
Proctoring Exams and schools people in the progress.
It’s a process that she does with ease but it is a an art.
It IS…
She is flawless makeup art.
Written by Dominique Alexander

Thanks Dominique for sharing your many talents and gifts with me over the years...you are such a special young lady! Love you lots! *big ol church hug* And by the way...this young lady makes the dopest jewelry ever!!! Check her out at Sankofa Accessories !!! My girl Dominique :)...she's a bad make up artist too! Love you sis! >

How to stay Flawless for more than a day!

Flawless Make Up Art is ready to launch the New Membership Program!!! It's the only way to stay "Flawless" all year long! ;) Originally we only offered a year long membership...but now we've given some options for those with a fear of commitment! lol! 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and a full year are now available! We've also partnered with  Bill&Coo that provides all of your favorite products at amazing prices! So now you can purchase some of the fabulous products that we use and tell you all about!

The membership gets you unlimited make up in studio for only $10!!! Our normal rates start at $60 in studio, and all appointments require a deposit before the date can be securely booked. As a member...there are no deposits....members simply shoot an email or text message and we lock in your date. It's definitely the VIP treatment! Members also get discounts on all other services that we offer, in addition to fabulous product samples and events. Our private studio is located in a convenient uptown location...so its perfect to stop by right before an evening out in the QC!

The membership program is perfect for socialites, models, divas, make up enthusiasts, those who don't know a thing about make up, and the simply fabulous! Its also great for those that have annual formal events, who make frequent public appearances.  Don't worry about having somewhere to go, when you can be Flawless everywhere you go just because! Get the celebrity treatment! ;) Become a member today! Send all inquiries to flawlessmakeupart@gmail.com. Kisses! ;-*