Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our First Product Review...Naturally Me by Chaundra Smith

I had the pleasure of reviewing my first product here on my blog! I am so excited to share this info with everybody! I have enjoyed using these products over the past week!

Naturally Me has all natural, vegan certified products for your body, hair, home and pets!  Naturally Me's Website The owner Chaundra Smith sent me their awesome Foaming Facial Wash and a Sampler set of products that came in the cutest little package that you ever did see! ;)

I have been using the Face Wash for about 7 days now and have completely fallen in love with it! It creates a thick, rich foam which I love (I love a good lather! ;)! And its infused with essential oils like tea tree and coconut... I love the invigorating scent in the morning! (Don't I look invigorated! lol Don't tell anybody u saw me this early in the morning! Bonnet and errthang! lmao!) The organic ingredients are great for my acne prone and sensitive skin...and makes me feel squeaky clean after removing make up! Priced at 8.99... this is definitely a winner!

In my sampler set was the 
All Over Butter (Which is whipped and creamy and the smell is simply delicious!)
Soy Candle ( I could smell it before I even opened the box... I am addicted to candles!)
Soothing Foot Soak (
Joyful Foot Scrub (
Happy Hands Exfoliant(

I can't wait to try more of this product line! I was super impressed by every product I experienced! I love the genuity and spirit of small business owners! Mainstream product lines tend to loose touch with what made their products great in the first place. Replacing the once simple ingredients with synthetic ones...to make their product last longer or be produced faster. I hope Chaudra never changes a thing! ;)

Contact Chaundra Smith at (919) 519-0783 or email her at care@naturallyme.us

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oldies but Goodies! :)

A lovely young lady wrote this poem for me a while back...and it truly touched me! One of the most valuable gifts I've ever received! I wanted to share it with my peeps :)

The Artist
Painting on flesh canvases.
A Nubian Picasso.
Brandishing brushes like swords and she goes to battle.
Art does not imitate life...it is life
And she breaths just that into the faces of women who swore that lipstick was the only thing they'd ever wear.
She is an artist.
Molding the lives of clients effortlessly.
She turns her swag on, then let’s them get they diva bag on
Then beats faces like Muhammad Ali
But this don't hurt well maybe just a little
But that's the cost of beauty right
She has won the battle; they've won the self esteem fight.
Walk fierce in to the light and tell the world who did the work.
The Face Dr.
Proctoring Exams and schools people in the progress.
It’s a process that she does with ease but it is a an art.
It IS…
She is flawless makeup art.
Written by Dominique Alexander

Thanks Dominique for sharing your many talents and gifts with me over the years...you are such a special young lady! Love you lots! *big ol church hug* And by the way...this young lady makes the dopest jewelry ever!!! Check her out at Sankofa Accessories !!! My girl Dominique :)...she's a bad make up artist too! Love you sis! >

How to stay Flawless for more than a day!

Flawless Make Up Art is ready to launch the New Membership Program!!! It's the only way to stay "Flawless" all year long! ;) Originally we only offered a year long membership...but now we've given some options for those with a fear of commitment! lol! 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and a full year are now available! We've also partnered with  Bill&Coo that provides all of your favorite products at amazing prices! So now you can purchase some of the fabulous products that we use and tell you all about!

The membership gets you unlimited make up in studio for only $10!!! Our normal rates start at $60 in studio, and all appointments require a deposit before the date can be securely booked. As a member...there are no deposits....members simply shoot an email or text message and we lock in your date. It's definitely the VIP treatment! Members also get discounts on all other services that we offer, in addition to fabulous product samples and events. Our private studio is located in a convenient uptown location...so its perfect to stop by right before an evening out in the QC!

The membership program is perfect for socialites, models, divas, make up enthusiasts, those who don't know a thing about make up, and the simply fabulous! Its also great for those that have annual formal events, who make frequent public appearances.  Don't worry about having somewhere to go, when you can be Flawless everywhere you go just because! Get the celebrity treatment! ;) Become a member today! Send all inquiries to flawlessmakeupart@gmail.com. Kisses! ;-*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flawless is wrapping up 2010!!!

Check how Flawless is wrapping up 2010!!!

 December 10th at Elle VJ Boutique. This class will teach you how to Pop that Holiday Party Dress with fabulous Make Up! You can't have a fabulous dress, hot shoes, beautiful hair and no make up? Just doesn't sound right does it? Let us teach you how to achieve and evening look to finish your look! RSVP at holidaydazzle@gmail.com

Next up is a fabulous Fashion Show with Flow by Tara Davis on December 18th. In my opinion...Tara is one of the very few designers in our area, who knows the true essence of a "real" fashion show! And we are so honored to be providing the make up for this show! I have been looking forward to working with Tara for quite some time! Her designs are absolutely amazing! A chance to watch real models who can really walk in Charlotte...now that's rare! lol *sorry, but it's true* We hope to see you there!!! Check out the details!

More to come very soon! Make sure you are following the blog for all the updates about Flawless Make Up Art! and so much more! ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Announcement for Flawless! :)

Okay! So we have a super exciting announcement for Flawless Make Up Art!  My company, Flawless Make Up Art has recently partnered with T. Strong aka StyleMayvin and popular blogger Amelia Keith of Pretty in the Queen City , to take the beauty and fashion industry in Charlotte to a whole new level!!! 

T. Strong currently provides Charlotteans her weekly Life and Style Tip of the Week on Fox News Rising in addition to keeping all you fashionistas in the know of what's hot in the world of fashion on her website www.stylemayvin.com  From positions as a buyer with companies such as Nautica Enterprises, Lord & Taylor and Renault Printemps/Redcats USA , to fashion show productions, to being a fashion expert for the International Soul Music Conference in 2009, T. Strong  has had success at all levels of the fashion industry.

Amelia Keith is the the writer and editor of Pretty In The Queen City. And is definitely no stranger to the beauty/fashion industry. She has years of previous modeling experience with credits on her resume’ that include Heidi Klum’s In an Instant , Cover and Editorial for First for Women Magazine, Pro White Teeth, as well as many other print projects over the span of 10 years.
Pretty in the Queen City is where she shares her love of all things pretty. As well as her her love for beauty products, fashion, and a good “find”! 
As we partner together to create a beauty and fashion industry in Charlotte that you have never seen, remember that our goal is to make women feel beautiful and confident about who they are.
I can't provide any additional info just yet as we have some top secret projects for 2011 but trust me on this....
Our TRIANGLE is a force to be reckoned with!!! And I must say the prettiest triangle you've ever seen! ;) Kisses! ;-*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Impress yourself!

 These are just a few pics of some of my newer work...I was stunned when the photog said they were unretouched. That was a beautiful moment. Especially after all the emotional turmoil of New York... I really doubted myself and my artistry for a while. Whenever you put your art on the line to be critiqued...there will definitely be someone there who will not like it...and will absolutely tell you! lol

I believe there are definitely general rules to follow...but I continue to pride myself on individuality! As a true artist...none of our work should look the same. As long as I like what I did, and it fulfills something in my soul...no one else's opinion really matters. :)
 Photos  YM Dezigns...Yeng Moua
 Hair  Samantha Huntley
 Wardrobe Tiamany Exclusive
 Models Carolina Talent

So to look at your work...think its been altered because it looks that good...and then find out its just what you did. Wow! A beautiful thing! There's no better feeling than impressing yourself! :)

 Here are some of the un retouched photos...enjoy!
Kisses ;-*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

K Ci and Jo Jo "Come Clean"

Another Show I worked on!!! I worked on Mama Hailey and sis...and of course K Ci and Jo Jo, while they were here in the QC. Still amazes me to know that people can flip through the TV channels these days and see MY work on television. Yet and still it's more amazing that they want to question your rates! LOL *side eye* But that's another blog! Ta Ta til next time! :)

 Creative Loafing's Interview with K Ci and Jo Jo

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally...a word on my experience in New York

I have prayed over speaking about my whole experience in New York. All I can say is that New York was a life changing experience for me. I learned so much...and not in any way that I expected to. I came back home soaked in disappointment. Close to tears every time someone even asked me about the trip. The specifics of the negative aspects are not necessary. Now that I have had time, prayer and clear thoughts to reflect on the full of the experience. It has changed my life in so many remarkable, wonderful, and fabulous ways!! God showed up in my life! Protected me like a father! Blessed me with opportunity! Showed me the true value of my life and everyone in it! I went to New York with intentions of going to the next level in my career... I had no idea that it was truly to reach the next level spiritually.
I left Charlotte with my nose in the air, unappreciative and spoiled with what it had to offer. I just knew that I had reached my limit here... I was above this silly, country, city.  The same place that offered undying support from loved ones... the same place that sowed seeds into my journey...the same place that had provided me every opportunity until then...
To arrive in New York City, a foreign place, where people barely new my name... And certainly didn't know who  I was...and more importantly, could care less. Unfamiliar territory...subways, and buses, and walking for blocks. People with hardened faces, cold spirits and bags that weighed them down. Literally and figuratively. Everybody hustlin! Just tryna make it...to the next level...a rat race. In a huge city...with huge rats! lol! Not even the pigeons there care to say excuse me, getting all up in your personal space! I had to adapt, to a cold stare, as not to show emotion or thought...not as if anyone would have cared...but not to appear weak or "country". All this to a woman who is used to strangers who say good morning! To cars that stop in the street and let you pass by as they wave. To people who know its customary and "good manners" to say please and thank you. Now I'm not saying that there were not nice people there, because there most certainly were! But the city, as a whole, was not... nice. Just so happened the woman I connected with the most, was from North Carolina! lol. I never realized how long 9 days were...until then. To be away from home...from true love. 9 days to never feel...at home. Can you imagine that half the people there are not at home...majority are not even American.
I came back to my city. To my loved ones...to the ones that love me. Truly. As I walked into MY Apartment,  just to gaze on what was mine...my friend Johnatha had put up balloons and streamers and flowers. I collapsed to the floor in tears. They were tears of joy, of frustration, of release, of thanks. That I had that! I had real friends, I had real love, I had a home. I think somewhere in the experience of New York, I almost forgot what it felt like...God reminded me. What I have here is so much greater, than anybody's idea of what success is. My appreciation is renewed and restored. God is simple, we make life hard...I am thankful...and that makes the experience more rewarding than anything a person could ever give me.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Forgiveness is a word and act that I have been presented with in many forms over the past few months. By nature, I have been a grudge holder. Even since I was a baby! LOL! My parents told me stories of how as a baby they could do something to upset me...and I wouldn't laugh when you tickled me for weeks after! Just grunt! (Crazy huh? lol) I personally have been very careful over the years, of who I let close to me...because I know how sensitive I can be. So when one who is close to you does something to hurt you, it is truly devastating. It hurts to the core, and breaks your heart. There is nothing worse than when a friend breaks your heart...much worse than a boyfriend or girlfriend.
But as my walk with God grows closer...Forgiveness is something I am presented with over and over. And I have already stated...its challenging for me. But I have also learned more about what forgiveness is, and more importantly, what its not. It's not about letting someone back in and allowing them to hurt you over and over again. And it's not about saying you forgive when you know you still harness feelings of regret or animosity. There is no time limit on the process... it is an individual journey.
The absolute first step is to pray. Forgiveness is God's specialty! So he will give you the words and the way to approach it. The key is to address to the person who's hurt you, what they did and why it hurt you. Number one making them aware, and Two, giving them a chance to take action. That way the air is clear, communication is achieved. Sometimes people really can't see themselves, so you can't be upset with someone who is not aware of what they've done (although people pretend they don't know all the time). At least you have made them aware, so there is no room for assumption on either side. If the person is not there...then tell God!
Once it's off your mind, it can be off your heart. You have to let it go...that is forgiveness!!! Not continuing to dwell on what they've done...no matter how bad it is!!! It is much easier said than done! And sometimes this process can takes days, weeks, months or years... pray about it daily until the burden of it is lifted.
I think the last aspect of this is where people get it mixed up, I know I did! Forgiving someone doesn't mean that you have to let someone back into your personal space, or into the same position they were in...it just means that you are no longer dwelling on the past. Ready to move forward, with no ill feeling towards them. Forgiveness is not about making someone else FEEL forgiven...its about giving the issues up to God, and loving in spite of. When you can smile and have peace about an unpleasant situation, and know that love is in you. But make wise decisions as to where to keep people in your life, after they've hurt you. The forgiveness is not about them...it is totally and completely about YOU!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Class.... For the Woman who knows nothing about Make Up!!

Check out Kelley Carboni-Woods at www.SlendidSoirees.Com .... she does amazing events and so enjoyed partnering the first class with her, we decided to do another!!! Don't miss this one!!! October 10th!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flawless is poppin up everywhere! Here's a few places! :)

Flawless is everywhere!!! lol! Sometimes I swear I'm the hardest working woman in make up right now!!! 
Check out this episode of Fox News Rising featuring some Flawless Make Up and my girl T. Strong of Style Mayvin ... check her out at www.stylemayvin.com...after the clip! ;)

Also Check out a new Episode of "Speaking Fashionese" a new makeover show!!! Right here in the QC!!! Check it ooooout! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Freshness...that new new...

I've been saying i was gona write this for a while now..."The freshness"...that fluttery feeling you have for a new relationship. You know in the beginning...when you can't wait to talk to that person...can't wait to see them. When your eyes light up when you talk about them...cheeks flush...and have to look away in embarrassment because its written all over your face. When the texts make you giggle...like no one should giggle over a text. When you have sex so much that both of you are just plain sore. When you want to cook and clean for a nucca! Learn an  recipe for some crazy dish you've never cooked before. When he takes you out to eat all the time and gain about 5pounds...but y'all can't even see it cuz that "love fog" is in the way. When you want to look good for him all the time and he wants all his boys to know how good you look...but that they definitely can't have you. When you totally dig someone! All of their shortcomings are of no matter...cause you just like them so damn much! That deep since of infatuation...you know the one...the "freshness"...right? Such an amazing feeling!

But my question is...how do we maintain it? The "freshness"? It seems that inevitably...the "freshness" fades away. A year later...Those giggling text turn into eye rolling texts. The cooking and cleaning becomes expectation instead of appreciation...if its still happening at all. The sex is still good...but no more all night and all day sessions...especially if both parties aren't getting what they need(wink). Sweat pants replace the sexy outfits. The 5 pounds you gained falling for them is now all they can see...and partly responsible for how "you changed"...are you getting my drift here? How is it that 2 people who once dug each other so hard...can barely get along?

Seems like relationships go through these phases of falling in and out of love. Some are able to withstand...I guess if there is a good foundation...some will rest in complacency...some will simply fade away. But every one of my friends male and female has said at some point "I remember when he/she used to...(fill in the blank)" . Why do we stop? Is it just laziness? Comfort? Loss of desire? Life changes? What is it that keeps us from doing the same things we did that makes you fall for a person? Or do you have to be willing to grow with a person? and be tolerant of change? What do u think?
This is not one I have an answer to...been reflecting on it for months now...looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)


*the pic is random...but i like this one! : P lol! *Kisses* ;-*

More Classes!!!

If you have to miss this Sunday's class...No Worries!!! We have more coming up! You don't have to miss out! 
 Flawless is linking up with 2 other businesses to spread beautiful knowledge to the world! ;)

Mrs. Kelley Carboni-Woods, fabulous event planner, is hosting a class on August 29th in the NoDa area of Charlotte!!! She will be creating an intimate learning environment in her own Splendid way! Check her out her Bi-Weekly column!!!
Kelley's Column on QCityMetro.com
*and if you ever see her fabulous wedding pics...she is "Flawless"...make up by yours truly! ;)

The next class is partnered with The Jewelry Artists of Charlotte
located in the Ballantyne Village!!! For those who's weekends are tied up...here is a class during the week! Spruced with a few extras after a hard days work! Not to mention that this unique jewelry store has some of the most beautiful handmade pieces I have ever seen! Check the flyer for the deets!
Check out Jewelry Artists of Charlotte Online!!!

More classes are coming! And info on certifications are on the way!!! Let us know if you would like to hosts a class! Contact flawlessmakeupart@gmail.com

Flawless is growing Flawlessly!!! We couldn't be more excited about the blessings to come!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August is a big month for Flawless Make Up Art!!!

We have some amazing things coming in our Anniversary month!!! 

First is the official launch date of the website for Flawless Make Up Art!!! Such a major accomplishment for us! So excited to take our rightful place in cyber space!!! Natrice Bullard of Eye27Photography is the designer...be sure to check her out!
Save the Date!!!
08. 09. 10

Next Big thing is "The Beautiful People Event" at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in Charlotte, NC! ! Thursday August 12th, 2010 Flawless Make Up Art has partnered with Zeek & Co. and Style Mayvin to bring you a totally fabulous event! Talk about something Charlotte has never seen before! This is the event to pull out all of the stops for! We want all the beautiful people there! This free networking event will feature DJ TeQuila! Charlotte's Hottest Female DJ! A Shoe Buffet, a bedazzling display of the newest and hottest shoes and handbags, Sponsored by Baker's Shoes! We have an amazing jewelry vendor.. Sparrow Boutique! I found these unique chicas at art shows here in NoDa (The art district here in Charlotte) and was uber wowed by their ecclectic taste! They hand pick each piece! You will love them as much as I do! There's more! Sunglass Hut will be there with an awesome display! So YESSS!!! Gucci! Prada! D&G! and all your fave designers will be in the place to be!(WORK) We also have the "Captured" Mini Photo Shoot station where attendees can strange' and get their pose on in front of the camera Kevin Douglas is our featured photog of the evening! The finale is a mini fashion show "Cabana Cotoure" featuring a surprise clothing line! This will be an awe-inspiring night! Prepare to be wowed!!! 

Starting August 22nd, 2010...Flawless will be offering its first class at Dulce Lusso Salon and Spa at Stonecrest in Ballantyne! This will be a technique class on on beautiful eye make up looks from flawlessly natural to dramatic and smokey! RSVP is required...flawlessmakeupart@gmail.com

Next classes are August 29th and Sept. 14th in various locations...stay tuned!  

Last but definitely not least...Flawless will be adding their signature "Glam Bar" to the  Diva Lounge Event on August 20th at Luna Lounge and Celebrity Power Magazine 's Power Mixer August 24th at the Harvey Gantt Center!!! 

August is gona be a busy month!!! But it will be Flawless! ;) We're ready! Leeesssgggggggo!

Joy Randall...A "Flawless" Explanation

I want to take an opportunity to clarify exactly what it is that I do as a Professional Make Up Artist, and exactly what Flawless Make Up Art is about! When I tell people what I do for a living, most often the response I get is "Oh, so you do weddings and stuff?" ...that gets a little frustrating 0_0. Actually, I am a freelance artist...I work for myself. However I do freelance work for different cosmetic companies such as MAC Cosmetics. I am also on L'Oreal's Pro Team ....I've done work with Cover Girl and Urban Decay Cosmetics in the past. I did begin my career in make up artistry at MAC Cosmetics and will admit to being a MAC baby! ;) That is where I received a lot of training and continue to freelance at local counters in Charlotte, NC when scheduled. (I always get the question "Do you work for MAC?") So as a freelance artist I can work for any company...and always looking for new opportunities to work with great product lines! ;)
Flawless Make Up Art is my company. It is an umbrella company for freelance make up artist. After realizing what I wanted to do...I created what I didn't see in my area. A business to support the artist and not just one cosmetic line. My theory is "It doesn't matter if the product is Wet and Wild or Nars...Its the artist that makes it look good! ". So many wonderful artist get stuck in the "counter rut"....and are never able to break away to take their artistry to its full potential! I help to support other artist by creating events for them to showcase their work, Nurturing the contacts I have to provide them with opportunities to build their resumes and portfolios, and by being a role model and leader in the beauty business. None of the artist that I support "work" for me ...they work for themselves. But, when you see the Flawless Logo, you understand its about make up artistry! Period!
Flawless Make Up Art is about make up in every since of the word. We do individual clients, editorial, print, runway, body art, special occasion, television, film and event work. We have hosted events such as "The Make Up Soiree", "The Lash and Brow Bar", as well as added our "Glam Bar" to different events as well. Women love to experience what each of our artist can do! And on any occasion, it becomes a chain effect! Once one woman has been touched by "Flawless", the ladies instantly fall in line to be next! And they always want to know what it is that we use, so they can go and buy it! I started the company less than 2 years ago...so it is still growing! But God willing at light speed!
We are always looking for cosmetic companies to sponsor product. We always need samples to put in gift bags and product to use at our "Glam Bars". Feel free to email me at flawlessmakeupart@gmail.com  for inquiries on getting you product out there! Our artists make products pop!(Shameless Plug...I know! lol ;) )
Just wanted to make all of that crystal clear! Watch out for the name and the logo! It won't be the last time! Kisses! ;-*

Pics of me and different artists in various forms of freelance artistry. From the top "My Black is Beautiful, "Coors Light Paradise Lounge" (Body Painted Models), Glam Bar for Sex and The City 2 Premier  at Stonecrest. Working with No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse at the Battered Women's and Childrens Shelter and me workin on "Mama Hailey" K-Ci and Jo Jo's mom for their Reality Show. Just a lil of what I do! ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dare To Wear!!!

Hot new intense, full color gloss! With holographic pearl finish! (Doesn't that sound hot! lol) Super shimmer! Not that chunky glittery mess from Super Glass! Ugh! I hated that stuff! Awesome new product! Nice job MAC! 
18 bucks!

There's a new line of shadows too! They're pretty cute too! Most of them are completely matte...lots of limited edition and pro colors!  There's a whole bunch of them so I won't post em...you can check em out yourself! ;)

Check out my girls Nakeisha and Carol  at the Northlake Mall Location or Ashley over at Southpark! Tell em' I sent ya! ;) 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To The black man...from the bottom of my heart

I need you. We need you...and most of all You need You!
To be the best man you know how to be...in fact better than you think you can be.
The natural order of things is for you to be the leader...and without your rightful place this society will continue to crumble. We need you.
Women are losing their way because there simply are not enough strong men to do the RIGHT thing, and take care of business! Whether that be take care of your woman, or take care of your kids, hell... both! They all need a strong man! There are so few already, and even less who can keep it real enough to be with a woman and keep his penis out of another.
What you don't realize is that the effects are much more than random booty calls and broken hearts. Black men and women don't even know how to have successful relationships anymore! Leaving impressionable young women to think that being "down for whatever" is the way to a man's heart, or being "be his lil freak" will get her more than one night. And also to mention the mature successful black women out here..late 20 and 30 somethings. With the career, the looks, Cook and Clean and ready to breed...but still single because they refuse to compete or settle for less. Why shouldn't a woman who has worked hard have a man who has at least what she does or better? Does that even sound right to you?
This is not to rag on the brothas, but just to send out a red alert! Y'all need to step it up! Kids need positive male figures in their lives! Women need to learn to be ladies again...this can only happen if you lead! Young boys and girls only know how to treat one another and be treated if they see it! If they never see positive relationships...how will we ever know what to do? Thas why we all messed up now!
Nobody said it is easy...but most of us know the difference between right and wrong. Lies and truth...emotions and logic. Let's stop making excuses for how slack we are because dysfunctional upbringings! If we make up our minds to be better...then that is simply what will happen. Without the leaders...there is simply nothing to follow. Its a lot of responsibility, but its yours! You were built for it! Take it! We support you...we. Need you.

Artwork by Paul Anthony McDonald

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The answer to the question...what looks good on me?

So Often, I get the question..."What will look good on me?" "What works on my skin tone?" "What makes (insert color here) eyes pop?" and to be completely honest...i really don't like that question! lol! I really hate to answer that!

 Women get frustrated with me because I answer the question, with more questions! lol! At times I can sense their frustration...but my rebuttal is always the same, "What difference does it make if I like it, and you hate it?" If it's not you, its just not you!

I think the key is to first figure out what it is that YOU like...and then I can always give you my expert opinion on how to make it look "Flawless" on you! Think about it this way...If you say "What looks good on me?" and I say "Girl! this pink lipstick will look amazing on u!"...but you know good and well that you hate pink! You're not gona rock that the same as you would something you are more comfortable with. Part of looking beautiful is feeling beautiful, and being comfortable is essential in the process!
As the professional I can always show you the proper techniques in applying the products you love! This is the key to making make up "Flawless"! Application! The only way to find out what will look good is to give it a chance anyway! ;)

I personally never ask anyone if this looks good or that looks good...I just where what I like! And I'm confident enough to wear it even if I know some people won't like it...as long as I feel cute! Who cares what they think?! Check out a few of my looks! ;) *kisses* until next time! ;-*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Ask Me...I'm Ready!!! ...The Make Up Show NY

I know! I knooooow!!! Its been forever since my last blog! But I really don't like to write just to be writing...I write about things that I am passionate about and really feel. After attending The Make Up Show in NY earlier this week...I feel rejuvenated!!! This industry has so many great things to offer!!! So many talented artist! So much product!!!!!! :) It was almost a little strange seeing all these beautiful people in one place...all looking like they worked at a MAC Counter, lol. There was so much make up and product lines that I have never seen before or only seen online! There were veteran artist of 20 plus years spittin their knowledge!!! That's when it dawned on me...there is so much more for me to do! Not that I have gotten comfortable at all (ambition is my addiction)...but its time to develop my gift into its ultimate potential!!!

The main thing that I took away is that there are soooo many great and accomplished make up artist!!! And 20 of those artist may have touched the same face, and made it look different each time...its not that one is better than the other, the key is visibility and location. I listened to many stories about the risks artist took to start there careers. Of course things were different 20 years ago...but the theme remains the same...what you really want, you have to be willing to go and get! By any means necessary! For the first time in my life I am considering making a major move. I won't use this opportunity to rag on Charlotte because I love this city that I'm from....but there is magical potential in New York (That just isn't in Charlotte)! My art can reach its full potential there...I can be challenged there....there is an appreciation there...I don't have to water anything down there. Everything is there to take my artistry to the next level, and that is where I need to be. I am refocusing my energy on this and hope to bring it to fruition within the next year!!! I appreciate any prayers and opportunities to encourage this!

I also had the chance to meet a great group of MUA's and one in particular...Lazarus Jean-Baptiste! Also known as "The Make Up Man"...he sat down with us and talked for almost 2 hours! He didn't know us from Adam...His energy was amazing! Not to mention he is a Uber accomplished artist(Vougue, Elle, Iman...yes! I said Iman, the model)! And this humble man shared his knowledge with women he didn't even know off the street! That! Is New York....God! If You Ask Me....I'm Ready...

Check out More pics on The Flawless Make Up Art Facebook Fan Page!!! And become a fan! ;) Kisses! ;-*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well the warm weather is kicking in!!! A new year is a quarter in and things are a changin! The new trends for spring are "Barely there" and what I like to call "Fresh Color"... Barely there is all about texture with subtle high lights and contours! No real color to the face...just simple tones to enhance the right points on the face and the perfect textures to make skin look touchable and Flawless! Let go of Studio Fix and try Studio Stick or the Mineralize Cream Foundation!
Well groomed brows, natural blush and unlined nude lips that are matte or have subtle shine will get you the look! Cremesheen Glass and Lip Pencils are awesome for this look!

Color has evolved! Gone are the days of blending 3 or 4 colors so each one is distinctively seen in one eye make up application! Now if you do see color on the eyes...its a sheer wash of one color with browns to blend it out. Bold mattes are hot too! Everything is not glittery is glistening on the eyes anymore. The color in the 80's is back but in a much more subtle way! Bold lips are also a great way to wear color with drama! (Like Miss Meagan Goode here and Nicki Minaj) Matte textures are coming back with a bange although shimmer is still standing strong. So get rid of Oh Baby and try out a Ruby Woo or So Chaud Lipstick or Up the Amp or even Vegas Volt!

A few artist tips for these looks!
* Use a kabuki brush for super blended foundation! Small circles all over the face for sheer and even coverage!
* For pastel and nude lips...lip liners are fab! Fill in the whole lip with a natural shade close to the skin tone for that Barely there look. Or use the pastel liners in the middle of the lip as a high light
*Cheek Stains are great for these looks! They add a hint of color to the cheeks with a dewyy look! A little goes a long way!

The Dark Side of the Biz...the One you don't hear about

I've been debating whether to share this with the world...and my sense of "keeping it real" just won't let it go! I get so many request from other MUA's or those wanting to break into the industry...and I often wonder if they can deal with this point of the business cycle. Working for yourself isn't always fun, and in this business in particular...it isn't always "pretty". Especially if you value it as an art form. Of course I always look like I have it together, and all things are Grand! But there is a dark side to entreprenuership...a lonely place that even those closest to you can't understand( but will hopefully respect). I am craving something to inspire me...evolution into the next phase of my artistry. I feel stifled, bonded, restricted. Something like an extreme asmha attack...like I jumped up in the air and was going at light speed and hit an air bubble that I am now suspended in. Im waiting for this bubble to break! So I can proceed at light speed again...

There are so many peaks and valleys to entreprenuership...adding the hi's and lows of being an artist to that are like little heavens and hells! Yeah! That's a good way to describe it...little heavens and hells! When creativity is flowing and your imagination is coming to life, that is heaven for the artist! You see the beauty in everything, and you want to share it with the world! You have something to offer the world, and you can't wait to bless them with it!
The flip side to that (this moment I'm experiencing) is when you don't feel challenged. When you can see the beauty in everyone else's stuff but your own. When you simply don't want to talk to people you know have absolutely no idea how you feel, and introversion settles in. When you are looking for any medium of inspiration, buying random magazines that catch your eye, listening to the same cd's and songs over and over again trying to get the answer, browsing the internet for that person who's story will give you life again. When every suggestion from those not like you sound stupid and redundant. This is the darker side...and when art is how you make your money, this is not good. But it simply...is.

I've learned to get comfortable with this phase of business and artistry. It's not the first time I've been here, and it definitely won't be the last. Its part of growth, as a person, an artist and business woman. I used to get depressed, but I now know it is only a moment...one that I can use as fuel to my fire. Its my inner self's way of saying "It's time for what's next". No one can tell me what I need to do...only I have the answers to the questions I have. Its all about learning what my soul is trying to teach me...and I am forever learning to listen intently. I don't know what's next...I just want to be ready!

A few things are inspiring me right now
* Long walks with my dog
* Hot Ginger Tea
* Laughing with friends...(about the most random things)
Erykah came out with the album just in time...I soooo needed this!

This ladies show and book are giving me astronomical insight into the future!

Oh yeah! And sushi makes me happy too! lol ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The basics of selecting a "Flawless" Foundation!!!

Essence Magazine had a huge spread of all types of foundations to acheive that "Flawless" skin look! They are right there are so many options out now for women of color! We have come a long way from the days of just Fashion Fair(Shouts out to the homies)...but yet and still I receive so many calls, emails and tweets about how to match the right color for your skin tone. So I've decided to break it all down into a few simple steps into finding the perfect one for you!

1. Know Your Skin Type...The first 2 questions I always ask a new client is what their skin type is?, and what is their skin care regime? This is the basis of knowing what will look natural on YOU...Most fall in the category of oily, normal (which includes slight oiliness in the "t" zone) or dry.

2.Find your undertone...the best way to identify this is to look at your chest! This is normally a truer tone. Warm undertones fall under red, pink, and orange...Cool is yellow, gold, beige...Then there is Olive and Blue which are your very dark skin and extremely pale skin tones. Race is not biased here...across the board everyone has their own individual undertones.

3. Find the right formulation...powder, cream, liquid, and stick foundations even mousse can all look "natural"! It's all about application and choosing the right shade! Oily skin types tend to lean towards powders to counteract the oiliness that's already there. Normal can any formulation, and dryer skin types should lean more towards liquids and creams also to counteract. Oilies should stay away from foundations with shimmer or bronzer added to them, it will enhance the oily look and will break down much quicker. The same for dry skin and powder...powder foundations will settle into dry spots and enhance flakes and texture in the skin.

4 What look do you want?...matte, dewy, naturally powdered, a nice glow,or even just like skin! Are all looks that are achieved by different textures of foundations. The best way to tell is to look in a magazine or on TV, find out what you like about the persons make up? Does it look powdered with no shine? Does it look moist and dewy? This will help you to choose this ideal finish for your foundation.

5. Test the color...test the foundation color right at the jawline, where the neck and face meet. The right color will blend in like buttah! ;) You should not be able to see a distinct difference between the product and your skin. Also step back and look at it compared to your face, chest, and arms...it should work well with your whole self, and not just your face! It is normal for the face to be just a little darker than the neck and chest, so just be sure it all blends well

Last is finding a sheer or pressed powder to set your foundation with. The two go hand and hand! Setting your make up will help to keep it fresher, longer throughout the day...and it will also help with make up transferring onto clothes and what not. Not setting it makes a huge difference in all day wear! Plus you will need the powder to touch up oiliness in the t-zone...no need to put on foundation over and over again.

Feel free to ask questions at flawlessmakeupart@gmail.com...*kisses* ;-*