Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Ask Me...I'm Ready!!! ...The Make Up Show NY

I know! I knooooow!!! Its been forever since my last blog! But I really don't like to write just to be writing...I write about things that I am passionate about and really feel. After attending The Make Up Show in NY earlier this week...I feel rejuvenated!!! This industry has so many great things to offer!!! So many talented artist! So much product!!!!!! :) It was almost a little strange seeing all these beautiful people in one place...all looking like they worked at a MAC Counter, lol. There was so much make up and product lines that I have never seen before or only seen online! There were veteran artist of 20 plus years spittin their knowledge!!! That's when it dawned on me...there is so much more for me to do! Not that I have gotten comfortable at all (ambition is my addiction)...but its time to develop my gift into its ultimate potential!!!

The main thing that I took away is that there are soooo many great and accomplished make up artist!!! And 20 of those artist may have touched the same face, and made it look different each time...its not that one is better than the other, the key is visibility and location. I listened to many stories about the risks artist took to start there careers. Of course things were different 20 years ago...but the theme remains the same...what you really want, you have to be willing to go and get! By any means necessary! For the first time in my life I am considering making a major move. I won't use this opportunity to rag on Charlotte because I love this city that I'm from....but there is magical potential in New York (That just isn't in Charlotte)! My art can reach its full potential there...I can be challenged there....there is an appreciation there...I don't have to water anything down there. Everything is there to take my artistry to the next level, and that is where I need to be. I am refocusing my energy on this and hope to bring it to fruition within the next year!!! I appreciate any prayers and opportunities to encourage this!

I also had the chance to meet a great group of MUA's and one in particular...Lazarus Jean-Baptiste! Also known as "The Make Up Man"...he sat down with us and talked for almost 2 hours! He didn't know us from Adam...His energy was amazing! Not to mention he is a Uber accomplished artist(Vougue, Elle, Iman...yes! I said Iman, the model)! And this humble man shared his knowledge with women he didn't even know off the street! That! Is New York....God! If You Ask Me....I'm Ready...

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