Friday, January 29, 2010

The Breakdown (Episode 3 of Fantasia For Real)

I'm a little late on this...but If you don't know, I was a key make up artist on "Fantasia For Real"!!! This episode especially brought back memories, because I also did Tasia's Make Up for The 75th Anniversary Apollo Theater! It was a super exciting experience!!! I was honored they allowed me to tag along ;)...

I was in the company of Black Legends like Quincy Jones, Patti LaBelle, and Prince!!! Yes! I saw Prince!!!(In real life and I am such a groupie about it #don't judge me) The theater itself was old! In the best way...we'll say "vintage"! If only those walls could talk! Tasia's dressing room was the same one KiKi Shepard used her whole career!

(She came in and told Tasia that at the end. Tasia even switched earrings with me right before the performance! lol! So those are my earrings on the show! That girl loves to take my stuff! But I don't mind a bit! She has been such a blessing to me!

I absolutely love watching her perform too! She can't sing with her shoes on! And she HAS to run out in the crowd! She literally pulls people out of their seats! Even when they try to act stuck up! This crowd was a little dry, but she got the standing "O" by the time she got off that stage anyway!!! POW!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back at the Counter Again!

Here is what MAC Cosmetics is saying about there new line for Spring!!!
"Spring Colour Forecast features four distinctive colour stories that are in direct line with this spring's identified beauty trends. Individually Monochromatic, with waves of colour to mix and match to your own personal style. Colour Theory becomes Spring Colour Forecast..."

I really like the new line! Its elaborate in a simple kind of way! Just like I like things to be ;)! The Monochromatic looks are very eye catching! So many ways to Rock the look! From sheer to crazy color!

My friend at the counter asked if I wanted t freelance at there big event in Febraury...and of course I said yes! ;) will be interesting! I haven't worked in that environment in so long! But I'm up for the challenge!

Come and check us out! February 11th through February 14th at MAC Cosmetics in South Park Mall! I will be there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!Call 704-442-8454 to make an appointment to experience the new line! Great way to try something new and stock up on your fave products!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nature Rise...;) A few Natural Remedies

1. Want a beautiful white smile? There's a wonderful way to whiten naturally! PEROXIDE!!!!! People are always telling me my teeth are super white! And this is the reason! I rinse with peroxide every single day! I love the way it bubbles up and gets the germs off my tongue too! The first few times may tingle quite a bit...but just think of it as killin major germs! It will get better with regular use...;D

2. Got a pesky pimple? Lemon Juice and Neosporin! The vitamin c in the lemon juice acts as an antioxidant to help cleanse and the neosporin is the medicine to treat and heal! I found this treatment from one of my huge asian weddings I did! And followed up with my esthetician! She confirmed what both ingredients would do...who knew? *Kanye Shrug* This remedie will literally pull the plug out of a pimple over night!

3. Dry Cracked Heels? Summer or Winter no worries!!! VASELINE! Not petroleum jelly! or any other brand!!! (I've tried, nothing is better!) Put the Vaseline on the feet and heels right outa the shower! While the skin is still moist! Your feet will be moisturized all day long! I've been doing this for years! And I cannot live with out my good ol' Vaseline!!!

4.Best thing for your body and skin over all? CLEANSING!!! Clears skin! Sheds pounds! Removes toxins! Everyone should at least once a year! (of course check with your medical provider first!) I highly recommend The Master Cleanse! It is a rather extreme method...but if you mentally prepare yourself it is more than worth the results! If you aren't quite ready for a cleanse ...There are also great superfoods like Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Mangosteen...great things to improve your skin and body from the inside! Look them up and incorporate them into your routine!

I personally enjoy a Mean Green Smoothie from Berry Brook Farms off of East Blvd in Dilworth! I add a shot of wheatgrass! I have at least 2 or 3 a week! It is super deelish! My girl Savannah hooks me up!!! ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Me and My Love affair with the Morning

There is something about the morning time...the freshness it brings to life! When you take a deep breath of a new day! There something special in that! Nothing like the stale air of the night...where all the problems of the day have settled. I have found new meaning, in the morning! A brand new day feels like potential at its best!
Love feels good in the morning! Real love that is...not that it doesn't at any other time, but especially in the morning. To look over at the one you love in the morning, is a whole different feeling. When you can look past the superficiality of the evening...the bells and whistles of good looks and nice clothes and money! In the morning, the only thing left is them...the real person. The eye boogers and stank make up and hair all tore up! The tight clothes that held it all together, are now gone and letting it all hang out! After all that is gone, do you still love or even like this person? The morning brings the truth!
...all the mystery of the night is washed away by the morning. The late night showers wash away the sins of the evening to bring about the blessings of the morning! I think God can hear you better in the morning... the noise of reality hasn't even had a chance to started yet. The quiet combined with the honesty makes it easier for God to understand what we really need! The morning is a blessing in itself! To think about the many who were not allowed to claim another morning! Its always a chance to turn it all around! To start over! To start fresh! To try again! To feel brand new! To do things different! To make it happen!
Not long after I open my eyes, my mind starts to flood with thoughts! So much so till I almost have anxiety if I don't get up and put those ideas to some use.
My mother loves the morning too...always has! When I was little and still til this day, she would get up around 3 or 4am(if not a little earlier) and she called it "her time". When I would awake, I was always mesmerized to find her , with food cooking and clothes washing, writing in her journal, or doing SOMETHING! lol...but never asleep. She always said her mind worked better in the morning. I guess that's where I get it from...either way I have claimed the morning as my own...each and every one! The good news can have one too! :)

Good Morning!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just some simple photos of me doin what I do, they were taken in my studio...Photos by Chad Cartwright ...check him out!!! Cool artist and a Pisces!!! Yea-ya! Shout out to Eye20seven too ( my victim, lol)!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whip Lash!!!! All about lashes! and Crackin the Whip!!!

Ok! Ok! Ok! Enough!!!! I have got to get this off my chest!!! This one is about these lashes!!! Okay ladies! Let's be realistic here...2 or 3 years ago! You could care less about walking around Walmart or the grocery store without a pair of lashes on! So why is it that you feel "naked" without them now? Let's not feed into the hype of the beauty industry! I am all for enhancing what you have and looking your best! I mean for God sake! I'm a make up artist, of course I think you should look and feel good! But I cannot continue to condone this mess! Especially when it starts to make my job harder! All I am trying to say is, you out shopping or running in your sweats, with these dramatic lashes on looks silly! And trust me, its not just to me! Lots of people can see it! I'm just the one to tell you the truth! If you are going to sport a dramatic lash! There is a time and place for it...and honey, it ain't at Wally World! Here are a few tips about fake lashes!!!

Signs you need to throw them away!!!
1. They are flat on one side and flipped up on the other(have lost the original shape)
2. Crusty glue is caked up on the band( are you really gona put more on there and glue that sucker on?)
3. You can still see the eye shadow from the last make up application(The lash should stand out)
4. One lash is now distinctively different looking from the other(just let it go baby)

Some women will re-use a lash until they are literally falling apart! No ma'am! these are your eyes! Sensitive to bacteria...just get a new pair!!! They will look fresh and your eyes will thank you! I suggest re-using a lash 1, and maybe 2 times...

Signs you need to stop wearing individuals(or stop going to who's doing them)
Your natural lashes have disappeared(If the follicle is damaged, they may not grow back!!!)
You can feel hard glue caked up in your eyes (sometimes it can be felt everytime u close them)
If they look completely unnatural(dramatic is great for an evening, or photoshoot...but if they don't resemble anywhere near your natural lashes, it is a #fail)
When I can clearly see the blob of glue at the base of your lashes (I don't care if its black, I can still see it!!!)

Individual lashes ideally should be attatched to the strands of your natural lashes...that way they can naturally fall away without damaging your own. Attatching them to the base may cause your own to be pulled out (especially when there is so much glue they will not fall naturally)! And that is not OK!!! You should be able to see seperation! A black mass at the base of your lashes means that they have been applied incorrectly! Lash extensions should "enhance" and not "distract"...

Just remember you get what you pay for! Cheap does not mean better deal, and you should always think quality over quantity!!! Just because a hair stylist or some other non- liscensed professional type is "doing everybody" doesn't mean that they are providing a quality service! Individual lashes take time! A lot of it at that! I have seen them beautifully done! And when they are done right, they can be absolutely breath taking! But I have also seen horrible monstrosities! And people who can no longer grow lashes because of severe damage!

Feather lashes and other "Fantasy" styles should also be worn when appropriate! And try wearing some additional make up with the lashes to complete the look! Some of you already have beautiful lashes! And if you are educated on the application of mascara you would be sooo suprised at what a little Dior Show can do!!! Not trying to rag on my ladies who want to keep it fly...just want to educate them on wats hot! and definitely wats not! ;) scroll down to check out my post "We Off Dat...What's Hot and What's not in 2010"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Homie Eye 27 Photography...and my Interview

...She and I have linked up to create Joy:27. We be on again and off again doin our individual projects, and then coming back together to make photo magic in the in between times...kinda like Destiny's Child or Outkast, lol. But thas my homie right there!!!!(and of course we work with anyone who wants to book a shoot from us ;) ) My Pisces sister! My other fish!!! She understands the quirkiest, dorkiest things about me...cuz she is exactly the same way! Our birthdays are only one day apart (hers March 18th, mine the 19th)...We gon make it if it kills us!!! Or we will certainly die trying!!! Check her out! Go to her website! Follow her blog! Check her on twitter! and everything else...this girl is goin places!!!Check out my interview with the woman behind the lens...Eye27Photography on

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tips for Dry Winter Lips!

The Winter tends to suck the moisture out of everything...especially your lips! Here are a few tips to keep your lips ready for winter kissin and snugglin! ;)

Of course you can spend tons of money on "lip exfoliators" from your favorite product lines...but doing the natural thing is much sweeter! :) Here are a few suggestions for exfoliating dry skin from the lips. Once you slough off that dead skin...a soft pout is there waiting to be revealed!

1. Take olive oil and add a pinch of brown sugar. Dab on your lips and let sit for a minute. Then take a wet wash cloth, or use your finger, and gently rub it back and forth. Rinse with water.

2. Half a Lemon dipped in sugar...If you want smooth, soft lips, try this. Take a fresh lemon and cut it in half, then rub the lemon in sugar. Apply the lemon with the sugar on it to your lips in a circular motion. After this rinse your lips, with ice cold water. The results are amazing. Apply chapstick or lip balm to keep lips feeling soft.

3. Exfoliate lips with a wet toothbrush or cloth then apply liquid honey as a natural alternative to lipbalm or gloss

One Lip Balm I absolutely Loooove.... Jelly Balm by L'Oreal HIP! Feels great! With the slightest bit of color! Very soothing...and doesn't feel like a cream that just sits on top of your lips! It gets it in! And you dont have to reapply every 5 seconds...though you might want to cause it feels soooo good! Mac also has a nice lip conditioner as well...

The key to making your lips look great is moisture! The moisture can't get in if you have all that flaky stuff on that's what the exfoliation tips are for...after that you want to moisturize! (Can't say that enough) Vaseline and Carmex are not moisturizers!!!!!! They protect and treat! They actually keep moisture from getting in(as in to protect wounds, cuts, and sores)...which is why it becomes "addictive". So try something that is just your lips. You always want to start your routine this way regardless! Its the way to prep them for lipsticks and glosses! And will help it last longer all day! (If you put shiny gloss on top of cracked lips it will just show the cracks more! Shine enhances texture!)I could go on and on! But I'll stop here... Hope these tips are helpful! Kisses! ;-*

I will be teaching a mini class at our event this Saturday!!! Please come and enjoy celebrating a new year and decade!!! Our way! With Make Up, beautiful clothes and Food with champagne on top!!! Sophistication and class at its best!!!RSVP to

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ladies...why do we ignore the red flags?

Check out this episoode of Martin! lol! Perfect example!

I view a lot my clients like dear friends! We always get into great conversations about men and the topic that came up was "Why do we ignore the red flags"? Some of the things we deal with just to have a man around! Come on ladies! Some of yal need to wake up!

1. Number one! Men are very simple!(In more ways than one...hehehe)If he has told you...point blank "I don't want a relationship" "I am not wanting to take this any further""I enjoy our friendship". Don't set yourself up for heartbreak! Nobody likes to feel rejected! But If his feelings are not on the same levels as yours...Its not ok for him to run around playing the field while you sit and wait for him to get it outa his system! its best that you free yourself up for someone that will have your best intrests in mind, ;) Plus there is nothing wrong with giving him a little healthy competition!

2. Three strikes you're out! I believe in giving chances...but I do not believe in being a glutton for punishment!!! First time he makes a mistake shame on him...the next time shame on you! Approaching the third time...what else do you need to see honey? If you continue to deal with his mess, he now feels that the ball is in his court and that you will deal with whatever he dishes out! And why blame him? You are! Place some value on yourself and move forward! Its better to get him outa your system now, than to invest any more emotion than you already have... That goes for any mistake (cheating, standing you up, disregarding your feelings...etc.). If he continues to hurt you over and over simply means he has no respect for your feelings...apologies become empty when the person knew what they were doin in the first place.

3 Actions speak louder than words! If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...well sweet pea! It ain't a giraffe! If his actions are not matching his words...go with your gut! If the only time he can make you feel anything is when he is almost inside of you...beware! Men know how to show love...they just choose who they are gona show it too! And if he is not spending that quality time with you...more than likely he is spending it with someone else! Humans are bred for companionship...its just a fact of life! You don't have to kick, scream or cry to get a man to be around if he wants to! Trust me! If you feel like somn just doesn't add up! Do u really want to wait around to let it slap you in the face? There is someone out there who just IS that person...and he will make you feel excatly the way you want to! Don't miss out on Mr. Right cause you are all caught up with Mr. Wrong...

4. Stop waisting time! A man knows when he is ready to settle doesnt take him 10 years (in which I have been a victim myself) to figure it out! They have this "idea" of who wifey is in there head, and if they are moving in that direction, they will certainly let you know! They say men marry for timing...and women marry for love. All that is to say that it doesn't matter how pretty you are, how good in bed, or how big yo booty is! He knows how far he is going to take it with you, damn near the first time he meets you!!! If he gets comfortable, its because we allow it! Cookin and cleanin and birthin babies for someone who has no plans of being your husband is cool for him, but silly of you! What are you gettin out of the deal? Those are the duties of a wife, you hold off until he put-a-ring on it!!! Every once in a while is ok...just not all the time! Men like the why not give them somethin to work for?

5. Watch his relationships...How does he get along with his mom? Sisters, friends, mother of his children? This is super important! And it will reveal more than he will ever be able to tell you! If he has never seen or had healthy relationships...this can be a real issue down the line in terms of commitment and stability. Everyone has a story, yes, and all is not sweet. But this can be a huge red flag...and often the hardest to look over! So don't! Be observant, and ask questions...with timing and tact in mind of course!

Feel free to comment! I love the feedback! Ciao Bellas! ;-*

MAC Cosmetics...the people in Charlotte to go to!

Wanted to start spotlighting  local people that I would like share with the world! and I am going to start with my 2 besties! Carol Bady and Nakiesha Nance...both are Assistant Managers for MAC Cosmetics! I am so proud of them! We all started working together at Eastland Mall back in the day! And both of them have climbed the corporate ladder to makes moves in the MAC world! And needless to say that both of these ladies are phenominal MUA's!!! If you need to purchase MAC Cosmetics...these are the ladies to go to in the QC!!!

Carol...the lover of a Red Lip!!! POW!!! Carol is patient and thorough! She takes her time with each client and makes them feel well attended to! She is an awesome at teaching techniques...and super knowledgeable about product and ingredients! I would describe her personal make up style as conservative with a POP! This young lady can do it all! Kudos to Carol! Go see her at the counter @ Belk in Northlake Mall, Charlotte, NC. Tell her I sent ya! She da bestest!

Nakeisha...the superwoman! Nakeisha is a super communicator! She will make sure that you get exactly what you're looking for! She is also extremeley patient with clients and well versed in product knowledge! She is great to talk to if you have super sensitive skin! Superb with matching foundation! I would describe her personal make up style as soft and glamorous! This lady will BEAT yo mug! lol Go see her in Southpark Mall in Charlotte the counter in Belk or the Outpost Store

I love my friends sooooooo much! They have supported me through thick and thin! Doesn't hurt at all that they are super talented too! Birds of a featha I guess ;)...If you need know where day at! POW!!!

Check out the new Lip Glasses I loooooove! I'm feelin the latest lines too...
Utterly Discreet (Light purpleish brown...iridescent)
Ice Scape(Iridescent light pink)

                                                                Light that Fire(Orange Coral)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fantasia For Real Show Premiers Jan 11th, 2010!!!

It's finally here!!! I can not believe it!!! The Fantasia For Real Show premiers Jan 11, 2010!!! And my make up work will be broadcast across the world! Wow! What a feeling! I did not talk much at all about the project I worked on all summer long...but you all will be able to see the journey none the less! I really love this young lady! She is a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit! And I look forward to watching the world fall in love with her again! The whole team was a real pleasure to work with!!!

Here are a few behind the scenes pics...its always a full day, so I couldn't take a lot

Tasia's make up style is super natural!!! She did not care for make up at all when we first met! (Which was part of why I got the gig, people love the natural makeup that I do) Since then...I've been able to warm her up a little ;) she is willing to get a little more adventurous with her make up looks. She has beautiful skin too!

Here are a few other gigs she's brought me along on! Check out the videos!

Fantasia did a fundraising event at her home with Macy's...

Press for The Color Purple in Chicago

Show premiers tomm! Can't wait to see the finished product! The wait is finally ova...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Black Endangered Species..

I had an intresting conversation with one of my pisces homies about...The Extinction of The "Black Grandma". It was a sad realization! In 5 or 10 years there will be no more traditional black grandmas! No one who "just knows what to do"! Knows how to cook everything without a recipe, what to do with new born grandbabies, how to make dollars out of 15 cents, how to cuss you out and squeeze you to death all in the same 15 min, how to make you feel loved without saying a word, how to calm everyone in the family down when there is drama, what to do for a man and definitely what not to do!

As the "babies having babies" epidemic has spread...grandmothers have gotten younger and younger. So many have had to work so hard to survive, there was no time to really learn that "old school" nurturing spirit. Somewhere in the crossfire the respect for that kind of knowledge was lost too. Now kids don't even have enough respect for those "grandma's to not curse around them, and simply act like someone raised them right! Its sad to think about :("

I never even had parents were a little older, so all of them passed before I got to know them. But my mom still has the old school mentality...I pray that my children get a whole lot of that before she leaves this earth. One of my goals in the new year is also make more of an effort to spend time with  learn more about the old school way. Once these women are gone...there won't be a book to read or website to go to. Its in them, and the only way to learn is to spend time. So the next time your mom calls and says "You haven't come over" or your grandma calls with her sweet little old voice...just think about spending a little more time. Tomorrow is never promised...

We Off Dat!!! Wats hot and wats not in make up!!! 2010!!!

This is all my opinion of course! But here is my what's hot and what's not for 2K Win!
(Both pics are my make up work too...eye27photography, ymdesigns photography, Tiamany Excusive designs @eye27 @ymdesigns @Tiamany)

We Off Dat!
1. A Bunch of color on the eyes...gone are the days of wearing 15 colors on the eyes, even if they are perfectly blended. and shadow to match your outfit perfectly is totally not necessary...theres always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, hmmm I'll pass!!
2. Not wearing any type of foundation or powder to your make up look....ugh! huge mistake. We all want to look natural...but the key is to look "Flawless" ;)! There are so many lightweight options for coverage out today, there's hardly an excuse. Having on eye makeup and lipgloss simply looks incomplete with at least a finishing powder to even out the skin tone. You see product on the eyes and lips, and nothing on the face. I encourage you to try a pressed or mineral powder with your routine! I guarantee you will love the difference!( I want to hear if you try it and what u think)

3.Dark lines on the lip...its been out for a while...please let it go. that is all
4.Super thin brows...
5.Closed minds...I hate when women say "they don't wear makeup"!!! You don't have to wear it all the time, but there is nothing wrong with looking your best! Make Up just enhances wat you have...if you don't like the color, you can simply wipe it off and try something else

We Still On-at
1. Clean and simple eyes with warm earthtones for day and Dark smoky eyes for night! Cream shadows are all the rage!

2.  Blush! Pow! Blush is my favorite thing in THE WORLD!!! It really wakes your face up! So many great ways to wear it, from subtle to vibrant! If you haven't tried it, you should! Especially my chocolate girls!!! ;)
3 Glossy shimmery lips! But don't forget about matte lips too ;-* Red lips are a must try this season! If you wana rock color! Rock it in the cheeks and lips! POW!!!
4. A lot of women I run into have over tweezed, plucked, and or razored brows...if this is the case! Start to let your brows grow out right now! Yes! I know it will be hard! But it will be worth it! Have them shaped by someone who knows wat they're doing! Until then you can learn to disguise them with a little make up magic ;)...details coming soon!!
5. Here in Charlotte...there seems to be a lot of women who are scared of make up! But trust me! There is something out there for you. and don't be afraid to try color! I always say anybody can really wear just about anything...its just knowing how to blend it for your skintone.