Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flawless is poppin up everywhere! Here's a few places! :)

Flawless is everywhere!!! lol! Sometimes I swear I'm the hardest working woman in make up right now!!! 
Check out this episode of Fox News Rising featuring some Flawless Make Up and my girl T. Strong of Style Mayvin ... check her out at the clip! ;)

Also Check out a new Episode of "Speaking Fashionese" a new makeover show!!! Right here in the QC!!! Check it ooooout! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Freshness...that new new...

I've been saying i was gona write this for a while now..."The freshness"...that fluttery feeling you have for a new relationship. You know in the beginning...when you can't wait to talk to that person...can't wait to see them. When your eyes light up when you talk about them...cheeks flush...and have to look away in embarrassment because its written all over your face. When the texts make you no one should giggle over a text. When you have sex so much that both of you are just plain sore. When you want to cook and clean for a nucca! Learn an  recipe for some crazy dish you've never cooked before. When he takes you out to eat all the time and gain about 5pounds...but y'all can't even see it cuz that "love fog" is in the way. When you want to look good for him all the time and he wants all his boys to know how good you look...but that they definitely can't have you. When you totally dig someone! All of their shortcomings are of no matter...cause you just like them so damn much! That deep since of know the one...the "freshness"...right? Such an amazing feeling!

But my question do we maintain it? The "freshness"? It seems that inevitably...the "freshness" fades away. A year later...Those giggling text turn into eye rolling texts. The cooking and cleaning becomes expectation instead of appreciation...if its still happening at all. The sex is still good...but no more all night and all day sessions...especially if both parties aren't getting what they need(wink). Sweat pants replace the sexy outfits. The 5 pounds you gained falling for them is now all they can see...and partly responsible for how "you changed"...are you getting my drift here? How is it that 2 people who once dug each other so hard...can barely get along?

Seems like relationships go through these phases of falling in and out of love. Some are able to withstand...I guess if there is a good foundation...some will rest in complacency...some will simply fade away. But every one of my friends male and female has said at some point "I remember when he/she used to...(fill in the blank)" . Why do we stop? Is it just laziness? Comfort? Loss of desire? Life changes? What is it that keeps us from doing the same things we did that makes you fall for a person? Or do you have to be willing to grow with a person? and be tolerant of change? What do u think?
This is not one I have an answer to...been reflecting on it for months now...looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

*the pic is random...but i like this one! : P lol! *Kisses* ;-*

More Classes!!!

If you have to miss this Sunday's class...No Worries!!! We have more coming up! You don't have to miss out! 
 Flawless is linking up with 2 other businesses to spread beautiful knowledge to the world! ;)

Mrs. Kelley Carboni-Woods, fabulous event planner, is hosting a class on August 29th in the NoDa area of Charlotte!!! She will be creating an intimate learning environment in her own Splendid way! Check her out her Bi-Weekly column!!!
Kelley's Column on
*and if you ever see her fabulous wedding pics...she is "Flawless"...make up by yours truly! ;)

The next class is partnered with The Jewelry Artists of Charlotte
located in the Ballantyne Village!!! For those who's weekends are tied is a class during the week! Spruced with a few extras after a hard days work! Not to mention that this unique jewelry store has some of the most beautiful handmade pieces I have ever seen! Check the flyer for the deets!
Check out Jewelry Artists of Charlotte Online!!!

More classes are coming! And info on certifications are on the way!!! Let us know if you would like to hosts a class! Contact

Flawless is growing Flawlessly!!! We couldn't be more excited about the blessings to come!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August is a big month for Flawless Make Up Art!!!

We have some amazing things coming in our Anniversary month!!! 

First is the official launch date of the website for Flawless Make Up Art!!! Such a major accomplishment for us! So excited to take our rightful place in cyber space!!! Natrice Bullard of Eye27Photography is the sure to check her out!
Save the Date!!!
08. 09. 10

Next Big thing is "The Beautiful People Event" at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in Charlotte, NC! ! Thursday August 12th, 2010 Flawless Make Up Art has partnered with Zeek & Co. and Style Mayvin to bring you a totally fabulous event! Talk about something Charlotte has never seen before! This is the event to pull out all of the stops for! We want all the beautiful people there! This free networking event will feature DJ TeQuila! Charlotte's Hottest Female DJ! A Shoe Buffet, a bedazzling display of the newest and hottest shoes and handbags, Sponsored by Baker's Shoes! We have an amazing jewelry vendor.. Sparrow Boutique! I found these unique chicas at art shows here in NoDa (The art district here in Charlotte) and was uber wowed by their ecclectic taste! They hand pick each piece! You will love them as much as I do! There's more! Sunglass Hut will be there with an awesome display! So YESSS!!! Gucci! Prada! D&G! and all your fave designers will be in the place to be!(WORK) We also have the "Captured" Mini Photo Shoot station where attendees can strange' and get their pose on in front of the camera Kevin Douglas is our featured photog of the evening! The finale is a mini fashion show "Cabana Cotoure" featuring a surprise clothing line! This will be an awe-inspiring night! Prepare to be wowed!!! 

Starting August 22nd, 2010...Flawless will be offering its first class at Dulce Lusso Salon and Spa at Stonecrest in Ballantyne! This will be a technique class on on beautiful eye make up looks from flawlessly natural to dramatic and smokey! RSVP is

Next classes are August 29th and Sept. 14th in various locations...stay tuned!  

Last but definitely not least...Flawless will be adding their signature "Glam Bar" to the  Diva Lounge Event on August 20th at Luna Lounge and Celebrity Power Magazine 's Power Mixer August 24th at the Harvey Gantt Center!!! 

August is gona be a busy month!!! But it will be Flawless! ;) We're ready! Leeesssgggggggo!

Joy Randall...A "Flawless" Explanation

I want to take an opportunity to clarify exactly what it is that I do as a Professional Make Up Artist, and exactly what Flawless Make Up Art is about! When I tell people what I do for a living, most often the response I get is "Oh, so you do weddings and stuff?" ...that gets a little frustrating 0_0. Actually, I am a freelance artist...I work for myself. However I do freelance work for different cosmetic companies such as MAC Cosmetics. I am also on L'Oreal's Pro Team ....I've done work with Cover Girl and Urban Decay Cosmetics in the past. I did begin my career in make up artistry at MAC Cosmetics and will admit to being a MAC baby! ;) That is where I received a lot of training and continue to freelance at local counters in Charlotte, NC when scheduled. (I always get the question "Do you work for MAC?") So as a freelance artist I can work for any company...and always looking for new opportunities to work with great product lines! ;)
Flawless Make Up Art is my company. It is an umbrella company for freelance make up artist. After realizing what I wanted to do...I created what I didn't see in my area. A business to support the artist and not just one cosmetic line. My theory is "It doesn't matter if the product is Wet and Wild or Nars...Its the artist that makes it look good! ". So many wonderful artist get stuck in the "counter rut"....and are never able to break away to take their artistry to its full potential! I help to support other artist by creating events for them to showcase their work, Nurturing the contacts I have to provide them with opportunities to build their resumes and portfolios, and by being a role model and leader in the beauty business. None of the artist that I support "work" for me ...they work for themselves. But, when you see the Flawless Logo, you understand its about make up artistry! Period!
Flawless Make Up Art is about make up in every since of the word. We do individual clients, editorial, print, runway, body art, special occasion, television, film and event work. We have hosted events such as "The Make Up Soiree", "The Lash and Brow Bar", as well as added our "Glam Bar" to different events as well. Women love to experience what each of our artist can do! And on any occasion, it becomes a chain effect! Once one woman has been touched by "Flawless", the ladies instantly fall in line to be next! And they always want to know what it is that we use, so they can go and buy it! I started the company less than 2 years it is still growing! But God willing at light speed!
We are always looking for cosmetic companies to sponsor product. We always need samples to put in gift bags and product to use at our "Glam Bars". Feel free to email me at  for inquiries on getting you product out there! Our artists make products pop!(Shameless Plug...I know! lol ;) )
Just wanted to make all of that crystal clear! Watch out for the name and the logo! It won't be the last time! Kisses! ;-*

Pics of me and different artists in various forms of freelance artistry. From the top "My Black is Beautiful, "Coors Light Paradise Lounge" (Body Painted Models), Glam Bar for Sex and The City 2 Premier  at Stonecrest. Working with No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse at the Battered Women's and Childrens Shelter and me workin on "Mama Hailey" K-Ci and Jo Jo's mom for their Reality Show. Just a lil of what I do! ;)