Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tips for Dry Winter Lips!

The Winter tends to suck the moisture out of everything...especially your lips! Here are a few tips to keep your lips ready for winter kissin and snugglin! ;)

Of course you can spend tons of money on "lip exfoliators" from your favorite product lines...but doing the natural thing is much sweeter! :) Here are a few suggestions for exfoliating dry skin from the lips. Once you slough off that dead skin...a soft pout is there waiting to be revealed!

1. Take olive oil and add a pinch of brown sugar. Dab on your lips and let sit for a minute. Then take a wet wash cloth, or use your finger, and gently rub it back and forth. Rinse with water.

2. Half a Lemon dipped in sugar...If you want smooth, soft lips, try this. Take a fresh lemon and cut it in half, then rub the lemon in sugar. Apply the lemon with the sugar on it to your lips in a circular motion. After this rinse your lips, with ice cold water. The results are amazing. Apply chapstick or lip balm to keep lips feeling soft.

3. Exfoliate lips with a wet toothbrush or cloth then apply liquid honey as a natural alternative to lipbalm or gloss

One Lip Balm I absolutely Loooove.... Jelly Balm by L'Oreal HIP! Feels great! With the slightest bit of color! Very soothing...and doesn't feel like a cream that just sits on top of your lips! It gets it in! And you dont have to reapply every 5 seconds...though you might want to cause it feels soooo good! Mac also has a nice lip conditioner as well...

The key to making your lips look great is moisture! The moisture can't get in if you have all that flaky stuff on that's what the exfoliation tips are for...after that you want to moisturize! (Can't say that enough) Vaseline and Carmex are not moisturizers!!!!!! They protect and treat! They actually keep moisture from getting in(as in to protect wounds, cuts, and sores)...which is why it becomes "addictive". So try something that is just your lips. You always want to start your routine this way regardless! Its the way to prep them for lipsticks and glosses! And will help it last longer all day! (If you put shiny gloss on top of cracked lips it will just show the cracks more! Shine enhances texture!)I could go on and on! But I'll stop here... Hope these tips are helpful! Kisses! ;-*

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