Friday, January 22, 2010

Me and My Love affair with the Morning

There is something about the morning time...the freshness it brings to life! When you take a deep breath of a new day! There something special in that! Nothing like the stale air of the night...where all the problems of the day have settled. I have found new meaning, in the morning! A brand new day feels like potential at its best!
Love feels good in the morning! Real love that is...not that it doesn't at any other time, but especially in the morning. To look over at the one you love in the morning, is a whole different feeling. When you can look past the superficiality of the evening...the bells and whistles of good looks and nice clothes and money! In the morning, the only thing left is them...the real person. The eye boogers and stank make up and hair all tore up! The tight clothes that held it all together, are now gone and letting it all hang out! After all that is gone, do you still love or even like this person? The morning brings the truth!
...all the mystery of the night is washed away by the morning. The late night showers wash away the sins of the evening to bring about the blessings of the morning! I think God can hear you better in the morning... the noise of reality hasn't even had a chance to started yet. The quiet combined with the honesty makes it easier for God to understand what we really need! The morning is a blessing in itself! To think about the many who were not allowed to claim another morning! Its always a chance to turn it all around! To start over! To start fresh! To try again! To feel brand new! To do things different! To make it happen!
Not long after I open my eyes, my mind starts to flood with thoughts! So much so till I almost have anxiety if I don't get up and put those ideas to some use.
My mother loves the morning too...always has! When I was little and still til this day, she would get up around 3 or 4am(if not a little earlier) and she called it "her time". When I would awake, I was always mesmerized to find her , with food cooking and clothes washing, writing in her journal, or doing SOMETHING! lol...but never asleep. She always said her mind worked better in the morning. I guess that's where I get it from...either way I have claimed the morning as my own...each and every one! The good news can have one too! :)

Good Morning!

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