Monday, February 21, 2011

This is what I'm talkin bout! Yes! ;)

So this is the "All Star Race" commercial that I worked on for NASCAR!!! A wonderful opportunity! Its so funny to this industry you get surprises all the time! We put fake mustaches, chops, and beards onto the drivers. I also had the pleasure of doing Mike Helton's makeup...he is the CEO of NASCAR (A multi-million if not billion dollar industry I might add). Was definitely a fun gig! :) Here are a few behind the scenes pics...
 See makeup is a critical part of tv, film and editorial work! It can really make visions come to life! Not just beauty and pretty all the time. So when I tell people this is what I do for a living, they assume I work at a counter. Oh! On the contrary! ;) We do it all! ;)
 Enjoy!!! Kisses! ;-*

What's coming...

The Next Class is here!!! On March 26th we present you with  "Fresh Face"!!! This class is all about learning techniques to create a flawless and fresh everyday look! We will focus on the hottest trends in skin, blush, and lips. Partnered with Splendid Soirees who always adorns our classes with hors devours, delicious wine, and decor to create an atmosphere of fabulosity! We will have products for purchase available after class as well! RSVP to

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating a Cat Eye...The Flawless Approach

Another Flawless and Fresh Collaboration! ;) Check out team is moving and shaking in a major way! Be on the lookout for them CIAA weekend! They are covering some of the hottest events Charlotte will have to offer! Also Ask a question and be the next model in the tutorial video! Find out more on Meetthefresh! Kisses! ;-*


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