Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When it all comes together...

Many people ask me "Well, what do u do? Weddings and stuff?"... Here's a small window into what I do...a day in the life. Behind the scenes of a commercial shoot with photographer Thien La and the video is by Tarik Freitekh. Amazing job on all sides! I often say, in a real shoot....everyone has to play their part to 100 percent! The hairstylist, the mua, the photographer, wardrobe, etc. This is one of those moments, and look how fabulous it turned out!  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!! Comments are welcome! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Beautiful Woman...Inside and Out!

These days, society is filled with a plethora of things to enhance outer beauty. As a makeup artist, I've seen more product lines than there seems to be faces for. The trend is to solve everything with a product, cosmetic, or treatment. What women don't realize is, that it ALL starts from within! Your confidence, what's on the inside, is what has to radiate on the outside. Before anyone can see the real beauty you have to see it and believe it first! 

So when I heard about this amazing event, I had to share it!!! On Saturday June 11th, 2011 "The Beautiful Woman Inside and Out"  is making a stop here in Charlotte, NC before heading to Atlanta and Los Angeles! Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey  is the creator of this fabulous event! She is a nationally recognized speaker, author, health advocate and executive director of The COSHAR Foundation. After a successful launch in Bowie,'s so exciting to know that Charlotte is next to experience this conference! “We are well aware of the health disparities that plague all women, and particularly women of  
color,” Dr. Ottey continued. “Our objective is to address the ‘whole’ woman, and to help women 
make informed choices about their inner and outer beauty.”

There team of experts will be sharing empowering info on health, wellness, fashion and beauty!  For an entire 
day, Charlotte women will have an opportunity to learn, network, get pampered and learn how to 
live more balanced lives. Attendees will also be treated to luxurious door prizes and raffle items, 
breakfast and lunch, entertainment, and many surprises! The Beautiful Woman Inside and Out ...check out the site for the panel of experts. Celebrity hairstylist, MUA, wardrobe stylist and more!!! 

“Our goal is to  ensure that women have the proper information, zeal and motivation to move towards 
improving all aspects of their lives.”

I'm so excited about attending, and will be back with a full report on all the fun!!! Hope to see you there! You definitely don't want to miss this! Until next time! Kisses! ;-* 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The First, First Friday Gallery Crawl!!!

People in Charlotte are always screaming out "There's nothing to do!" "Always the same crowd and the same stuff"! But they never support the underground stuff ! :P

Sooooo! Here's your chance to start!!! This is a new initiative/vision that the Gallery Owner wanted to bring to the QC! His ultimate goal is to mix live art with still art and bring awareness to the Artists, whether that be Fashion Designers or Artists of fine paintings and sculpture. The essence of this event is to make it fun and to take out the stereotypical "stuffiness" out of the mention of a "Gallery Crawl".

So come on out and show your support! See you Friday!
Kisses! ;-*