Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Black Endangered Species..

I had an intresting conversation with one of my pisces homies about...The Extinction of The "Black Grandma". It was a sad realization! In 5 or 10 years there will be no more traditional black grandmas! No one who "just knows what to do"! Knows how to cook everything without a recipe, what to do with new born grandbabies, how to make dollars out of 15 cents, how to cuss you out and squeeze you to death all in the same 15 min, how to make you feel loved without saying a word, how to calm everyone in the family down when there is drama, what to do for a man and definitely what not to do!

As the "babies having babies" epidemic has spread...grandmothers have gotten younger and younger. So many have had to work so hard to survive, there was no time to really learn that "old school" nurturing spirit. Somewhere in the crossfire the respect for that kind of knowledge was lost too. Now kids don't even have enough respect for those "grandma's to not curse around them, and simply act like someone raised them right! Its sad to think about :("

I never even had parents were a little older, so all of them passed before I got to know them. But my mom still has the old school mentality...I pray that my children get a whole lot of that before she leaves this earth. One of my goals in the new year is also make more of an effort to spend time with  learn more about the old school way. Once these women are gone...there won't be a book to read or website to go to. Its in them, and the only way to learn is to spend time. So the next time your mom calls and says "You haven't come over" or your grandma calls with her sweet little old voice...just think about spending a little more time. Tomorrow is never promised...

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  1. Great post! As our older generation lived their lives to make a better world for us, we should also do the same for our children and their children. We often look over the seemingly small accomplishments of our grandparents because the world is changing so rapidly, but grandmothers have this sort of eternal wisdom - the type of stuff that doesn't change, regardless of how the world changes.

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder.
    - Shine on!