Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To The black man...from the bottom of my heart

I need you. We need you...and most of all You need You!
To be the best man you know how to fact better than you think you can be.
The natural order of things is for you to be the leader...and without your rightful place this society will continue to crumble. We need you.
Women are losing their way because there simply are not enough strong men to do the RIGHT thing, and take care of business! Whether that be take care of your woman, or take care of your kids, hell... both! They all need a strong man! There are so few already, and even less who can keep it real enough to be with a woman and keep his penis out of another.
What you don't realize is that the effects are much more than random booty calls and broken hearts. Black men and women don't even know how to have successful relationships anymore! Leaving impressionable young women to think that being "down for whatever" is the way to a man's heart, or being "be his lil freak" will get her more than one night. And also to mention the mature successful black women out here..late 20 and 30 somethings. With the career, the looks, Cook and Clean and ready to breed...but still single because they refuse to compete or settle for less. Why shouldn't a woman who has worked hard have a man who has at least what she does or better? Does that even sound right to you?
This is not to rag on the brothas, but just to send out a red alert! Y'all need to step it up! Kids need positive male figures in their lives! Women need to learn to be ladies again...this can only happen if you lead! Young boys and girls only know how to treat one another and be treated if they see it! If they never see positive will we ever know what to do? Thas why we all messed up now!
Nobody said it is easy...but most of us know the difference between right and wrong. Lies and truth...emotions and logic. Let's stop making excuses for how slack we are because dysfunctional upbringings! If we make up our minds to be better...then that is simply what will happen. Without the leaders...there is simply nothing to follow. Its a lot of responsibility, but its yours! You were built for it! Take it! We support you...we. Need you.

Artwork by Paul Anthony McDonald

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The answer to the question...what looks good on me?

So Often, I get the question..."What will look good on me?" "What works on my skin tone?" "What makes (insert color here) eyes pop?" and to be completely honest...i really don't like that question! lol! I really hate to answer that!

 Women get frustrated with me because I answer the question, with more questions! lol! At times I can sense their frustration...but my rebuttal is always the same, "What difference does it make if I like it, and you hate it?" If it's not you, its just not you!

I think the key is to first figure out what it is that YOU like...and then I can always give you my expert opinion on how to make it look "Flawless" on you! Think about it this way...If you say "What looks good on me?" and I say "Girl! this pink lipstick will look amazing on u!"...but you know good and well that you hate pink! You're not gona rock that the same as you would something you are more comfortable with. Part of looking beautiful is feeling beautiful, and being comfortable is essential in the process!
As the professional I can always show you the proper techniques in applying the products you love! This is the key to making make up "Flawless"! Application! The only way to find out what will look good is to give it a chance anyway! ;)

I personally never ask anyone if this looks good or that looks good...I just where what I like! And I'm confident enough to wear it even if I know some people won't like long as I feel cute! Who cares what they think?! Check out a few of my looks! ;) *kisses* until next time! ;-*