Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Homie Eye 27 Photography...and my Interview

...She and I have linked up to create Joy:27. We be on again and off again doin our individual projects, and then coming back together to make photo magic in the in between times...kinda like Destiny's Child or Outkast, lol. But thas my homie right there!!!!(and of course we work with anyone who wants to book a shoot from us ;) ) My Pisces sister! My other fish!!! She understands the quirkiest, dorkiest things about me...cuz she is exactly the same way! Our birthdays are only one day apart (hers March 18th, mine the 19th)...We gon make it if it kills us!!! Or we will certainly die trying!!! Check her out! Go to her website! Follow her blog! Check her on twitter! and everything else...this girl is goin places!!!Check out my interview with the woman behind the lens...Eye27Photography on eye20seven.blogspot.com

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