Friday, August 20, 2010

The Freshness...that new new...

I've been saying i was gona write this for a while now..."The freshness"...that fluttery feeling you have for a new relationship. You know in the beginning...when you can't wait to talk to that person...can't wait to see them. When your eyes light up when you talk about them...cheeks flush...and have to look away in embarrassment because its written all over your face. When the texts make you no one should giggle over a text. When you have sex so much that both of you are just plain sore. When you want to cook and clean for a nucca! Learn an  recipe for some crazy dish you've never cooked before. When he takes you out to eat all the time and gain about 5pounds...but y'all can't even see it cuz that "love fog" is in the way. When you want to look good for him all the time and he wants all his boys to know how good you look...but that they definitely can't have you. When you totally dig someone! All of their shortcomings are of no matter...cause you just like them so damn much! That deep since of know the one...the "freshness"...right? Such an amazing feeling!

But my question do we maintain it? The "freshness"? It seems that inevitably...the "freshness" fades away. A year later...Those giggling text turn into eye rolling texts. The cooking and cleaning becomes expectation instead of appreciation...if its still happening at all. The sex is still good...but no more all night and all day sessions...especially if both parties aren't getting what they need(wink). Sweat pants replace the sexy outfits. The 5 pounds you gained falling for them is now all they can see...and partly responsible for how "you changed"...are you getting my drift here? How is it that 2 people who once dug each other so hard...can barely get along?

Seems like relationships go through these phases of falling in and out of love. Some are able to withstand...I guess if there is a good foundation...some will rest in complacency...some will simply fade away. But every one of my friends male and female has said at some point "I remember when he/she used to...(fill in the blank)" . Why do we stop? Is it just laziness? Comfort? Loss of desire? Life changes? What is it that keeps us from doing the same things we did that makes you fall for a person? Or do you have to be willing to grow with a person? and be tolerant of change? What do u think?
This is not one I have an answer to...been reflecting on it for months now...looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

*the pic is random...but i like this one! : P lol! *Kisses* ;-*

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