Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oldies but Goodies! :)

A lovely young lady wrote this poem for me a while back...and it truly touched me! One of the most valuable gifts I've ever received! I wanted to share it with my peeps :)

The Artist
Painting on flesh canvases.
A Nubian Picasso.
Brandishing brushes like swords and she goes to battle.
Art does not imitate is life
And she breaths just that into the faces of women who swore that lipstick was the only thing they'd ever wear.
She is an artist.
Molding the lives of clients effortlessly.
She turns her swag on, then let’s them get they diva bag on
Then beats faces like Muhammad Ali
But this don't hurt well maybe just a little
But that's the cost of beauty right
She has won the battle; they've won the self esteem fight.
Walk fierce in to the light and tell the world who did the work.
The Face Dr.
Proctoring Exams and schools people in the progress.
It’s a process that she does with ease but it is a an art.
It IS…
She is flawless makeup art.
Written by Dominique Alexander

Thanks Dominique for sharing your many talents and gifts with me over the are such a special young lady! Love you lots! *big ol church hug* And by the way...this young lady makes the dopest jewelry ever!!! Check her out at Sankofa Accessories !!! My girl Dominique :)...she's a bad make up artist too! Love you sis! >

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