Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flawless is wrapping up 2010!!!

Check how Flawless is wrapping up 2010!!!

 December 10th at Elle VJ Boutique. This class will teach you how to Pop that Holiday Party Dress with fabulous Make Up! You can't have a fabulous dress, hot shoes, beautiful hair and no make up? Just doesn't sound right does it? Let us teach you how to achieve and evening look to finish your look! RSVP at

Next up is a fabulous Fashion Show with Flow by Tara Davis on December 18th. In my opinion...Tara is one of the very few designers in our area, who knows the true essence of a "real" fashion show! And we are so honored to be providing the make up for this show! I have been looking forward to working with Tara for quite some time! Her designs are absolutely amazing! A chance to watch real models who can really walk in that's rare! lol *sorry, but it's true* We hope to see you there!!! Check out the details!

More to come very soon! Make sure you are following the blog for all the updates about Flawless Make Up Art! and so much more! ;)

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