Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Announcement for Flawless! :)

Okay! So we have a super exciting announcement for Flawless Make Up Art!  My company, Flawless Make Up Art has recently partnered with T. Strong aka StyleMayvin and popular blogger Amelia Keith of Pretty in the Queen City , to take the beauty and fashion industry in Charlotte to a whole new level!!! 

T. Strong currently provides Charlotteans her weekly Life and Style Tip of the Week on Fox News Rising in addition to keeping all you fashionistas in the know of what's hot in the world of fashion on her website  From positions as a buyer with companies such as Nautica Enterprises, Lord & Taylor and Renault Printemps/Redcats USA , to fashion show productions, to being a fashion expert for the International Soul Music Conference in 2009, T. Strong  has had success at all levels of the fashion industry.

Amelia Keith is the the writer and editor of Pretty In The Queen City. And is definitely no stranger to the beauty/fashion industry. She has years of previous modeling experience with credits on her resume’ that include Heidi Klum’s In an Instant , Cover and Editorial for First for Women Magazine, Pro White Teeth, as well as many other print projects over the span of 10 years.
Pretty in the Queen City is where she shares her love of all things pretty. As well as her her love for beauty products, fashion, and a good “find”! 
As we partner together to create a beauty and fashion industry in Charlotte that you have never seen, remember that our goal is to make women feel beautiful and confident about who they are.
I can't provide any additional info just yet as we have some top secret projects for 2011 but trust me on this....
Our TRIANGLE is a force to be reckoned with!!! And I must say the prettiest triangle you've ever seen! ;) Kisses! ;-*

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