Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The basics of selecting a "Flawless" Foundation!!!

Essence Magazine had a huge spread of all types of foundations to acheive that "Flawless" skin look! They are right there are so many options out now for women of color! We have come a long way from the days of just Fashion Fair(Shouts out to the homies)...but yet and still I receive so many calls, emails and tweets about how to match the right color for your skin tone. So I've decided to break it all down into a few simple steps into finding the perfect one for you!

1. Know Your Skin Type...The first 2 questions I always ask a new client is what their skin type is?, and what is their skin care regime? This is the basis of knowing what will look natural on YOU...Most fall in the category of oily, normal (which includes slight oiliness in the "t" zone) or dry.

2.Find your undertone...the best way to identify this is to look at your chest! This is normally a truer tone. Warm undertones fall under red, pink, and orange...Cool is yellow, gold, beige...Then there is Olive and Blue which are your very dark skin and extremely pale skin tones. Race is not biased here...across the board everyone has their own individual undertones.

3. Find the right formulation...powder, cream, liquid, and stick foundations even mousse can all look "natural"! It's all about application and choosing the right shade! Oily skin types tend to lean towards powders to counteract the oiliness that's already there. Normal can any formulation, and dryer skin types should lean more towards liquids and creams also to counteract. Oilies should stay away from foundations with shimmer or bronzer added to them, it will enhance the oily look and will break down much quicker. The same for dry skin and powder...powder foundations will settle into dry spots and enhance flakes and texture in the skin.

4 What look do you want?...matte, dewy, naturally powdered, a nice glow,or even just like skin! Are all looks that are achieved by different textures of foundations. The best way to tell is to look in a magazine or on TV, find out what you like about the persons make up? Does it look powdered with no shine? Does it look moist and dewy? This will help you to choose this ideal finish for your foundation.

5. Test the color...test the foundation color right at the jawline, where the neck and face meet. The right color will blend in like buttah! ;) You should not be able to see a distinct difference between the product and your skin. Also step back and look at it compared to your face, chest, and should work well with your whole self, and not just your face! It is normal for the face to be just a little darker than the neck and chest, so just be sure it all blends well

Last is finding a sheer or pressed powder to set your foundation with. The two go hand and hand! Setting your make up will help to keep it fresher, longer throughout the day...and it will also help with make up transferring onto clothes and what not. Not setting it makes a huge difference in all day wear! Plus you will need the powder to touch up oiliness in the need to put on foundation over and over again.

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