Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to stay Flawless for more than a day!

Flawless Make Up Art is ready to launch the New Membership Program!!! It's the only way to stay "Flawless" all year long! ;) Originally we only offered a year long membership...but now we've given some options for those with a fear of commitment! lol! 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and a full year are now available! We've also partnered with  Bill&Coo that provides all of your favorite products at amazing prices! So now you can purchase some of the fabulous products that we use and tell you all about!

The membership gets you unlimited make up in studio for only $10!!! Our normal rates start at $60 in studio, and all appointments require a deposit before the date can be securely booked. As a member...there are no deposits....members simply shoot an email or text message and we lock in your date. It's definitely the VIP treatment! Members also get discounts on all other services that we offer, in addition to fabulous product samples and events. Our private studio is located in a convenient uptown its perfect to stop by right before an evening out in the QC!

The membership program is perfect for socialites, models, divas, make up enthusiasts, those who don't know a thing about make up, and the simply fabulous! Its also great for those that have annual formal events, who make frequent public appearances.  Don't worry about having somewhere to go, when you can be Flawless everywhere you go just because! Get the celebrity treatment! ;) Become a member today! Send all inquiries to Kisses! ;-*

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