Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shoot with the artist...Moye

This Thursday, I will have the sincere pleasure of working with an artist I have admired for years! I have admittedly labeled myself as one of her "groupies", and further more proud of it! She has produced images that have literally taken my breath away...yet and still consistently leaving an heir of mystery, in photo and in person. There are many you can say that you like their work...there are few you can say you respect their art. Moye is that artist.
So when she posted a photo special for only $65!!! OH! a sista had to jump on that!!!! LOL! (You just don't get work like this for that amount of money) And as much as I would like to keep it all to myself, I thought I'd be nice and share it with y'all. :) So you don't have to be jealous when you see my new pics...you can just get your own! LOL!;) But in all seriousness...this is a gift, to share her art this way. To give us a cost effective way to share her talent... I totally dig it and...Respect it! I'll be sure to post the pics...but most def, get your own!

Check out more of her work here...

Kisses! ;-*

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