Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Commercial for Enso

ENSO :: Asian Bistro :: Sushi Never Looked So Good from Andre Araiz on Vimeo.

I absolutely love the fact that my career path has so much flexibility! One day can be a photo shoot, the next a wedding, or even freelancing for a company. This was one of those right place at the right time opportunities! I was actually just chillin and my girl called me up...said the MUA on this project flaked and they needed somebody asap! Luckily I was there to save the day! And look how cool! A commercial for Enso! Actually did a little hair on this gig too. Turned out quite nice too...if I do say so myself! ;) Shouts to Famous Nobody and Shanae "Lady Truth" Levine!
That's the beauty of freelancing in this biz...u just never know what you're gona get! And I am truly thankful for the opportunities that find me! :) Here's a couple behind the scenes pics I snapped on my phone...all in a days work! ;) Kisses ;-*

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