Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is here...A year of limitless possibilities!

So I haven't updated this blog in quite some time... I've actually been having a love affair with Tumblr (, and he has certainly swept me off my feet! Lol! But I couldn't continue to just move on and not acknowledge the past.

This has also been a consistent theme entering the new year. Our past has purpose...ignoring it, suppressing it, or running from it only prolongs dealing with an issue. And until it is truly dealt with, we can count on it to resurface. I am learning to appreciate frustrating moments, for this is where the growth happens. If everything was pleasant all the time, how would we ever really be able to recognize or appreciate the beauty in those moments? I have made a huge effort to study myself in 2011, and I am ecstatic about the strides that the creator and I are making.

Those who know me, can see that I'm changing. Those who don't know me still appreciate my story. And those who don't know themselves, may have a problem with who they think I am. One thing is for sure, if you make an effort to know and study yourself... you can never truly understand others. Once we find understanding we can react less, and make better and more reasonable decisions in the future. I'm finding life to be astoundingly is ourselves that make it so difficult.

So with all that said, I am fearlessly stepping into 2012!!! And I am so thankful to have the support that I do! From God, Family, Friends, and Supporters like anyone who's reading this now. :) I look forward to continue sharing my journey with you! And I wish us all the absolute best in this new year! Peace and Blessings...Love and Light!!!

Kisses! :*

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