Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Present Moment...

Well! It's been a minute since I've just written what's on my here goes it! :)
Life sure is a fascinating journey! I never...EVER...thought I would be here, at 30 years old. When I was a little girl my vision of me, now, was no where close to this. But the fabulous thing about it is...I'm happy. :) children...make my own my own bills(most of em anyway!) and doin my own thang. I think I'm finally ready to just step out and enjoy life...every unpredictable moment! The past 3 decades have been about other people... long term relationships, family, toxic friendships, etc. I've had my fair share of life's hard blows, some to knock the wind outa me quite frankly! lol But, I have been blessed  in the process of God guiding me through the tests, to get to this very point...I am finally strong enough to do it on my own. In fact I always have been...I just needed to see it on my own! ;)

I'm so ready to go after exactly what I want, to manifest the destiny that belongs to me. To get the man I want, reach the level in my career I want, have the family I want, and live the lifestyle I want. And it starts here...I will accept no less than exactly what I want. Because I deserve it, and I'm willing to work hard for it...and though it may be taking a little longer than I ever dreamed as a little girl. God knows, it'll be worth the wait! ;) Shouts out to the 30 something's who aren't where they thought they would be...but doin just fine!!! 
Kisses!!! ;-*  

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