Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Pastels!!! Get you some!!! ;)

Spring is here!!!! Which means that its time for something new! ;) Out with the dark and sultry and in with the fresh and sexy!!! Yeah-ya!!! This Spring is all about pastels! And barely there make up!!! MAC has 2 new lines that reflect this trend! Too Fabulous, which I loooove! Full of wonderful new lip liners and the super moisturizing Creme Sheen Glosses! Plus new mineral blushes...Liberty Of London has great packaging...dat about it! *side eye* few new shadows and lipsticks...some beauty powders too. *shrug*

Pastels can look great on everyone! But it takes a little more work to make them pop on darker skin tones! But never fear! The "Brown Girl Specialist" is here!!!!

The main concept is to find warm, neutral browns to blend out the pastels so they blend for your skin tone! In each area of the face you can find this color that works just for you so that you don't have to be left out of this Spring's hottest trend!
For the eyes you want to find a brown shadow with a red base, more than likely a matte texture...one of my faves is Brown Script by MAC!!! Use this in the crease between you highlight and lid color with a blending brush...
For the cheeks I still love my Tarte Cheeck Stain in Sunkissed...or you can try a dab of cream blush in a deep red like NARS Turkish Red...start with these as a base and put your pastel powder blush over top. Other wise those light colors will just look ashy on darker skin tones
On the lips, liner is the key!!! But not like it used to be...Filling in the lips with a warm brown like Cushy Cremestick pencil by MAC...or go for it with the gloss of your choice, then blend it out with the Cushy or Classic Chestnut pencil for a natural look without the harsh lines! ;)

Every brown girls "neutral brown" will be a little different since we come in so many shades and tones...but as soon as you find it! You have they key to not only pastels but any color you never thought you could wear! Have fun! Practice! Kisses! ;-*

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