Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Break Ups to Make Ups...Or Just bad habits?

Break Ups Suck! Period! Most of us have experienced this in some shape, form or fashion. And I'm sure that men and women across the board would agree that they suck! Its already difficult enough to get to a place where love don't live here anymore! But its that grace period...that breezeway of time that makes you feel like you're "still in love with them", that I wanted to shed a lil light on! The late night phone calls (sometimes drunk ones), the passionate break up sex, the browsing through of old pictures and sentimental what nots...the "I want you back" phase. The topic of this blog is...Is it genuine? Or Just a bad habit? Because you do realize bad habits are hard to break?

There's nothing easy about sleeping alone when you're not used to it. There's no easy way to get used to not talking to the same person you talked to everyday. There won't be a replacement for the person that they were for you. These things will take time, and that amount of time will be different for each individual. When someone you love hurts you, it can sting to the core. Especially when it hurts enough to cause you to remove them from your life. It's only natural to want the comfort of that love back...to feel as if you can't live without it! Even if the love itself was abusive...physically, emotionally, or mentally. After all, the "love" became a part of your everyday routine. The first phone call when you get off work, dinner plans, friday nights and sunday dinners..who are you gona do those things with now?

When you have made a decision with YOUR best interest in mind...its often not an easy one to make. Most life altering decisions aren't. They're uncomfortable, they can be lonely and isolating, and simply hard as hell at times. But that inner voice will tell you what is real. As strong women we have to put our foot down from time to time! Women are nurturing, forgiving and loving creatures by nature. So when a woman is in love or should I say has love for someone its easy to forgive them when you want to see the best in them. Its Ok to forgive...as long as it is really deserved. All I'm saying is to make sure to ask yourself about what's real...you can't control other people, but you can definitely control yourself. Recognize the cycles in your life, and if something is not all the way for you, remove it! Life should be about progression and growth...not running around the same circles over and over again.

People will do what you let them do...just food for thought. Love Y'all! *Kisses* ;-*

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