Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here's to a Flawless 2013!!!

Another Year is upon us! I am excited, inspired and filled with gratitude! Ready to use the lessons of last year to appreciate the blessings in the new one!  One of the things I am most thankful for is what I have been able to achieve by operating in my gift. 
In the beginning stages, I thought it was just something I was good at. Then I gave myself a little more credit, and could admit that I was talented. Now, at 7 years strong, I can confidently say that  doing makeup is something that I am gifted with.  I can say this because, it  has given so much back to me. It feeds my body and my spirit, has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and blessed me with opportunities that I dreamed about and has allowed me to help people in the most interesting ways.  It has been a challenging journey, but it has made me a strong woman. Even when I've tried, it never let’s me give up...only a product of God can do that. This year,  I want to truly express my appreciation to everyone who has contributed to my movement and the growth of my brand!  Whether  it was an appointment booked, or kind word exchanged...a referral  or  even a cancellation. Thank you for helping me to evolve.
I look forward to sharing more of my art with you this year! Classes, Events, Blogs and more!

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