Sunday, January 6, 2013

For the past 3 years, I have offered this membership and every year I am trying to perfect it and fine tune it, and get it just right! I started the program to help women understand the concept that makeup artistry is offered as a service, just like getting your hair and nails done. Many women, whether professional business women, women in the public eye, socialites or mother's, wives, of prestigious men have a need to keep their image as Flawless as possible.The package is an investment into your image. Professional makeup is the finishing touch that completes the look of a woman who as it all together. Or it definitely makes her look that way! ;) 

My members have grown spoiled into having their makeup done for every occasion! Date night's with hubby, dinner with girlfriends, play dates with their children's friends and their families, exclusive parties, and countless other occasions. The beauty of it is that they can call  on me when they want to feel and look Flawless, no matter the occasion. And husband's and boyfriend's thank me too, not only because my clients are beautiful, but because their whole attitude's change when they feel Flawless! I never get tired of hearing a client tell me about the compliment's that their mates give them, when they leave the studio...there is no greater value than feeling the way you want to feel! 

The Flawless Makeup Art experience is nothing close to your local makeup counter! It's an experience with a makeup artist who knows not only what works best for you, but cares about how you want to feel. A private studio with time set aside just for you. Calm, pleasant fragrance, and decor all come together to create an experience only offered at Flawless Makeup Art Studio. Allow me to share my gifts with you! Flawless Makeup Art Membership Program is the only way to stay Flawless...for more than a day!

Why Become A Member?

It pays for itself in 3 visits
Unlimited appointments for the duration of membership.
Professional Makeup on Demand.
No purchasing products you don't need or know how to use.
Serene, convenient, clean, upscale environment.
Applications in 30 mins or less.
Look Flawless everywhere you go...

Sign up today!

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