Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Makeup...How to keep it fresh!

Summer is close by! And the heat is rising, and if your not educated about it...your makeup will be melting! I have a few tips to share about what to do in the Summer months when its comes to makeup.

Tinted Moisturizers are great in warmer climates! They are sheer and light, and give just a little color to even out the skin tone. You can even make one, by combining your favorite moisturizer and a little liquid foundation. Lots of product lines have them these days, so you can find the just about anywhere. Make sure yours has SPF! ;)

Pro Longwear Foundation by MAC Cosmetics is a great product! Guaranteed 15 hours of wear! Helps control oil throughout the day, and is great in any weather. This product is great for brides too! It can be an investment for some, but well worth it!

Fix + and Evian Spray... these are great to start and finish makeup! Give the skin a quick spritz before your makeup, to give the skin a quick drink of moisture and add those nutrients like cucumber extract and green tea, which calm the skin. Then after you makeup is completely done, spritz all over to set the makeup and take away a heavy powdered look. *You can also put them in the fridge and use them as a quick refreshment on hot days at the beach or pool*

Loose Powder... an oldie but goodie! This is a key step that many women miss! And will make a huge difference in the longevity of your makeup. After makeup is completely done, take a big fluffy brush and encase the full face with a light layer of loose powder. (I prefer those with a little color verses translucent, so you don't get an ashy cast or white splotches that only show up in pictures). This will keep the makeup from breaking down as quickly throughout the day. Use it once, and leave it at can get messy carrying it around in your makeup bag.

Pressed where your purse comes in! This is what you keep with you to touch up during the day. Blot the t-zone when your feeling a shine coming on. And this will help to refresh the makeup and keep it in tact, compared to taking a tissue and taking more product off of your face.

All of these products and tips will help keep your fun summer colors and bronzed beautiful summer makeup looking so fresh and so clean!!! ;) More tips coming soon! Feel free to comment and tell me what u wana hear next! Until then...kisses!;-*

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