Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do guys even try anymore? Social Networking is too easy...

Is it just me? Or when did facebook and social networking become the way to some instant booty for the night? I am often amused at the braveness of men behind the comfort of a computer screen... I'm sure I am not the only female who gets the ever so often "Hey" or "You cute" on your instant messenger. Or the ever so annoying "poke" on facebook. Wtf does a "poke" mean anyway...and why do some people poke you if your not even facebook friends? 0_o
Now don't get me wrong...I don't blame a brotha for trying...but my point is after "Hey" Ima need you to have something to say!!! And "Was gud?" or "What up" are not quite conversation starters. It seems if you are actually would say "How are you today" , "What are you doing this weekend" or somethin! Most guys who have hit me up have nothing more to say after "hey" seriously...dead air! And if you ask them a question they give you some vague answer as if you are prying into their business! lol I'm thinking...dude! You hit me up, and clearly want to talk to me! Now you have nothing to say? You need to do a whole lot more than chat with me on facebook to get my attention! And even more to keep it! *snaps fingers*
Just because I added you as a friend does not mean that I liked you! Are dudes really that simple until you don't look at anything else about that person but their profile picture? I mean do you look at their relationship status? their occupation? kids? siblings? friends in common? Anything!? If could probly stop wasting a lot of people's time including your own. I personally have a business so I normally add just about anyone. But I've come to be a little more selective lately...because of this foolishness! I even changed my relationship status to married (and no I'm not married) ...just to try and eliminate the irritation.
Point blank... I should be able to take a cute picture, and make myself available to clients and potential clients on fb chat...if I freakin want to! And not have to worry about some lame dude...hittin me up and having nothing to say! Facebook can be great for meeting people, finding people and networking...but the fellas are getting a bit out of hand with this. And to whoever the females are that this works on...please stop!!! You're just making it worse for all of deserve more! ;) Smooches! ;-*

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