Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The New Pu@$! and cheating

I've been trying to write this post for the last few years! lol! I think its something that all women need to hear and understand...if nothing else to know what role you are playing in the situation. This blog is about "New Pu$$y"!!! You may not like the word, and yes I could say it differently, but I'ma keep it real! It is what it is!!!
LADIES!!! We have all experienced infidelity in some way, shape, form, or fashion...Either you were the one cheated on, with,or the one who knew about it all! Women are constantly advising each other about how to deal with a "cheating ass man"...and to be quite honest! Most women are completely in la la land when it comes to why mean cheat! As I have said before, and will continue to scream to the mountain tops is MEN ARE SIMPLE!!! And so is there thought process...
Men crave variety! Just because they love your look doesn't mean that they don't find something beautiful in the next one (whether you do or not)! I've been told that a man can find something attractive in just about any woman...could be her eyes or her lips, her thighs, her long hair, a number of things. So that brings me to the meat of this sandwich!
Men don't cheat because the next chick is prettier than you!!!! Or even because she has a better body, smarter, more money, or any of that! So you can stop pondering over what the next chick has on you? And you can stop talking about how ugly and fat the girl is that he cheated with...Its not about that! The answer is simple! New Pu$$y! Its not about what she looks like (remember I just said that men can find something "fuckable aka attractive" in just about any woman!) And if that woman makes it convenient, he is often more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity. The balance of convenience and opportunity is where the cracks are to fall through. When it comes to sex, men want what's easy! They don't want to jump through hoops to bust a nut! Cause that is exactly what it is.
Men have an ability to seperate sex and emotion that majority of women don't have! (I think I've said before that women equate sex with emotion). They can very well do whatever in the street,come home, kiss their wife, crawl in the bed, and not think twice about it...because to them the love they have for their woman is "real", and the sex a just a physical interaction.
Its not an excuse for men to cheat, its making women aware of the way men think!!! Think of it as Pu$$y Power! Once you are equipped with the info, then you know how to handle men better! Men and women are socialized completely different since birth! We are taught to save ourselves for the prince in shining armour and they are taught to play the field as much as possible until they get good and ready to settle down. So it makes since that having that variety can be a hard habit to break. But you can't control others, all u can control is yourself! Knowing is half the battle(*in my GI Joe voice* lol) ..I will stop here! I could go on all day...but I would looooove to hear your comments!!! :)
Check out one of my fave songs by Electrik Red!!! They know all about Pu$$y power! POW!

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  1. i love this... but they won't listen to you joy randall.