Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why the Club is Wack! (Im jus sayin)

At the ripe old age of 28...I have had my fair share of days to party! And the older I get...the more that I can see that the whole experience of "The club" is WACK!!! And its pretty sad because our whole present culture is based around "The Club"! What we wear, what we drink, how much money we "need" and other frivolous material things. All for a couple hours in a dark building with a bunch of drunk people who won't remember half of it the next day! (smh)
First off! Men and women don't even go to the club for the same reasons! The girls are there to "Pull a baller" or should we say a trick for the evening or at least the next few light bills. We spend a ton of money on the outfit, the hair, the accessories,the nails and the make up ...that most of us don't even have the money to buy a top shelf drink after all that! The fellas are lookin for the easiest thing to take home "that night" and that night only he's definitely not lookin for "wifey"! and at the end of the day she don't even have to be cute! long as she got "a phat ass" (so yea...all your hard work getting ready just went out the window)...and his pre determined relationship (wife, baby mama, girlfriend, friend with benefits, etc! etc!) is completely out of the window! So after this night of "fun" in some way, shape, form or fashion...he will inevitably become a problem! Chicks go to be objects of affection and attention. Men go to find a jump off...
You have to be drunk to even be able to tolerate it! That is the drunk people stumbling, yelling, and showin out! You can't have a conversation because the music is too loud! Guys are mad because their vulgar passes and groping aren't "turning you on" and the girls are ice grillin you from the roota to the toota when they should really just say "I like your outfit". (The girls wearin the shit they have no biz is a whole nother blog)And if you aren't in might as well forget it! Yo ass is not gettin a seat (and if you do, yo ass ain't movin all night just to keep it!)                   You can count on your feet being half numb when u leave!
Not to meantion standing in a line for an hour just to get into the overcrowded club that has no seats to sit in. When you have your fabulous shoes and outfit on that you spent your whole "friday night just got paid" check on! Just to bump into mofo's all night long who won't move when you scream "EXCUSE ME" over the loud ass music that no one can hear over anyway!And all of this is for what? To take a few pics to look like your having fun, and put em on facebook? To show the rest of the social media world that you fit the bill? To drink Nuvo and "Pop Bottles" like the rappers do? I'm jus sayin...
Isn't it all somebody elses "stereotype" of what a good time is?
Don't get me wrong...I love to enjoy a good time with friends. But I like to be able to hear them and talk to kick it without people bumping into us and not to take 30 min to get from one side of the building to the other, just to go and use the bathroom! All I'm sayin is I'm real enough to admit that that shit ain't fun to me!!! I can't be the only one! I just ask that the next time you are at the club...look around. Do you really think everybody is havin fun? Or do they just think they are?

This is a pic of me about a month ago, trying to find something enjoyable out of a club experience! I decided to write this blog that night! The pic above is with my friend who kidnapped me and wouldn't let me leave...still love you though Mia!!! ;-*

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  1. Aah...words of wisdom from an astute young woman. Because you have so much going on in your professional world (you're definitely a go-getter), it is understandable that you would disconnect from something that only offers you diminishing returns, at best. Great article Joy!